Migrants wait to disembark from MOAS vessel Phoenix in the Sicilian harbour of Catania
“Welfares! Wes dem Got WELFARES!” cried the migrants shedding tears of joy. Migrants wait to disembark from MOAS vessel Phoenix in the Sicilian harbour of Catania, Italy, May 6, 2017. REUTERS/Antonio Parrinello

“Oh De Welfares I never have to work again” said Mulhammaed KucKli crying and weeping. “All my life I have dreamed of not plowing with the Yak in Ethiopia, now I haves de Welfares and my life for me and my four wives and  18 children will be good”

When asked where are all the women he replied “Oh deys will come. Once we get the free house then we send for them”

“Is it RIGHT that you get everything for free and don’t contribute to your new country?” we asked KucKli

“Oh No, I am a Refugee, so I deserve International Recognition. I have a right to food clothing shelter education and playstation” he replied. “And desert!” screamed another. “Yes, desert at every meal. Big cakes!” he smiled wildly.

The people were picked up in more than 20 separate rescue operations involving the Italian coast guard and navy, the EU’s EUNAVFOR mission in the Mediterranean, European Union border agency Frontex, NGOs and merchant ships.

“Europe is getting a very bad case of the Nigghruhs” said an unknown coast guard officer. “These are not Syrian war refugees, they are just lazy North Africans who don’t want to work! Why are we meeting them offshore Libya and ferrying them to France and Italy?” The NGO workers were less disagreable, happy that they were seeding a new black homeland in Europe. “We hate being white” they hissed. “Soon Europe will be black and muslim and then white people will suffer for their evil conquests” “But won’t that mean your women are raped and killed?” “If its a white good for them. Our black seeds will spread across europe. They can’t stop it. Hungary thinks they can block it but they can’t nothing can stop the black seed from crossing all of europe and in just a few years they will be the new majority the new africa.”

“Most will want Sharia law and overthrow the native constitutions” said another.

When we asked how soon they thought it would happen they replied “If we bring over 250,000 of them each year, and others come in by other means over a million a year, its only going to take another five to ten years of this before they get lodged in so deep you could never remove them. Then after each has their estimated 8 children, that means in just 20 years there could be as many as 50 million more africans in Europe!” And if much of that is concentrated in the netherlands and Sweden and Germany, that is enough to take over those three nations.

The recent election of Macron in France will ensure they will become a 100% Nigghruh and Muslim Sharia country within 40 years. With an average of 9 children each, there is simply no way France’s 1.4 native bitchy woman reproductive rate can compete. Maybe they can celebrate with DARK BRIE cheese when the blacks become the majority and the whole nation declares itself on welfare.

The coast guard gave no details of the nationalities of those rescued.