Bampumim Teixeira

A 30 year old youth with a criminal history of robbing banks is accused of slitting the throats of two well-liked doctors who were found in their blood-spattered $1.9 million South Boston condo.

“He was such a nice boy” said a neighbor. “He had a promising future as a Rap Star, he always was bustin out tunes” said a woman. “He was a well mannered youth, like many in the hood he dreamed of a better life through robbery”

“It’s not his fault, dis is dey way of Afrika” said another. “Wes robs each other den we’s get robbed. That’s afrika! What better job to rob people than a security guard!” When asked why he killed the couple the man looked down “deys white. that simple”

Bampumim Teixeira, an immigrant from West Africa who had worked as a security guard, was shot by police who arrived at the scene and discovered him inside the 11th floor luxury penthouse, Boston police say. Authorities then discovered the bodies of Lina Bolanos, 38, and Richard Field, 49, who were engaged anesthesiologists who had traveled the world together and were known for their warmth and compassion with patients.

the suspect was arraigned in a hospital bed and kept his eyes closed.  dressed in black clothes and gloves, and they found a bag of jewelry in the condo that contained what they believe was Bolanos’ jewelry. Police found a knife at the scene. The jewelry was valued at $1000 dollars.

“We need more afrikans in America so that these problems stop happening” said a Boston immigrant.

Bampumim said he was “not guilty”