“They can’t call her a dumb blonde like they did to me” said Miss California. They also can’t call her beautiful. All top three spots went to Negro Women in the Miss USA contest this year. Doesn’t that shock people?

“Blacks are just more beautiful” said pagent commentator Betsy Smith. “You just have to get past their smell”

Miss USA judge Hamila Aden is a Somali-American.

Judge Carson Kressley is an gay TV personality, style expert, fashion designer.

“Blacks look FABULOUS” said Betsy.

Judge Brook  Lee is a model, TV host and former Miss USA 1997

Judge Nancy Lublin knows a lot about fashion with her book Dress for Success clearly evident here with her “dork” look.

Judge Jeannie Mai

Judge Janet Mock is black author, TV host and advocate who broke ground with her New York Times bestseller, “Redefining Realness”

2 Blacks, 2 asians, and a gay man. Missing from the judging panel – Straight White Males

Here is an example of the contestants voted NOT BEAUTIFUL

Image result for nancy lublin gayRelated image

“These privileged white girls disgust me, they flaunt their white privilege” screamed Betsy in horror. “Blacks just got that booty, We can’t compete” said a contestant.