In Japan, girls are worshiped for Neoteny, childlike features, as fresh virginal flowers. Below is the hit band AKB48. Compare that to the whore slut worship (driven by WOMEN not men) in America with the band Pussycat Dolls.
Seeking new fresh women as long term mates makes sense for men. You avoid disease and are selecting for the fit women who will be able to nurture for the next 20 years to raise children. Seeking the slut women like Pussycat Whores below, is what one would want for a one night stand, a good fuck and not much more. Certainly not wife material.
The really sad thing is that America’s best and brightest men are shipped off to the IVY schools where they will NOT be surrounded by women who make good wives and are isolated. When they finally get out at 30 and establish their careers, the AKB48 type women are all gone married off, really only available in high school. America uses up their women and the women use themselves up riding the cock carousel. By the time most women graduate college they are not marriage material. The few good girls are married off by 19 or 20. Ultimately this is a dysgenic policy. The old system of going off to college BEFORE marriage is just wrong. People should have mates and established family BEFORE college, of course the costs and demands of the top universities makes this near impossible. The ivy league should all have free childcare, married housing, and even subsidies so that our best and brightest can procreate. Instead of families based on our good genetics, we are left with pussycat whores. Can’t you just see flies swirling around their stinky pussies? ICK!
Many men say no thanks. After getting past their sexual urges in their 20s and into their 30s, they take control and go “MGTOW” or men going their own way. Faced with divorce courts which take most of their profits and gives them to women who most likely whored around and filed for divorce against good men in the first place, men simply find the American system to not be worth it. So instead we get the Nigghruz population reproducing like rabbits living on welfare and going through life drunk and drugged.

(C) You Be Cool, King! AKB48.

(C) A&M/Interscope. Pussycat Dolls.

Now look at what USED to be norm for a woman in America in the 1950s

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Once again, virginal happy new flowers is the norm for female beauty in a healthy society that is not negro-ized and full of anger violence and rape culture.

This is what passes for beauty in America today: