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More propaganda that we MUST have illegal aliens. Most other countries have moved to mechanized and robotic harvesting which can now manage an increasing number of once difficult crops. The technology would improve and get better were there a market for the machines. Instead California farm owners have become multi millionaires off the illegal alien subsidy.

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Faced with an urgent shortage of workers, California farmers are desperate to be heard.

“If we can’t change the way we’re doing business, we’re at risk,” said Brad Goehring, a fourth-generation wine grape grower in Lodi.

The state has been struggling with this farm labor shortage issue for years, but it’s gotten to a point where farmers are fed-up.

As harvesting season gets underway, many growers in need of workers fear they may lose their crops, and President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration orders appears to only make matters worse.

Goehring says it’s become more and more difficult to find people to do this work.

“It’s been a real struggle and it’s been increasing the last 5-6 years,” he said.

Goehring is among the growing number of agricultural businessmen in California who have tried a number of strategies to lure workers. From putting ads in the paper to offering benefits- such as health insurance and 401(k)s, Goehring has even increased pay on certain jobs up to $22 an hour.