Ah the “lets take the fully grown negros all the way to italy cause taking them back to Libya, Egypt, Israel, or Saudi Arabia which are much closer WOULD BE WRONG” gets a tear jerk propaganda when MOAS claims many of the drowned were “small children” yes 6′ tall 20 to 30 year old black men small children. Riiiiiggghht.

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“Nigghruz, We Be Nigghruz From Somalia. 30 year old Male Nigghruz!”

“Don’t worry small children from Syria, you are refugees, we will take you all the way to Italy where you will reject refugee rules because their welfare is shitty and go to France. From there you will try to get to Germany, Sweden, or the UK where you get lots of free money and playstations”

“Playstations… we come for the playstations!”  “And the welfare… we needs the WELFARE” screamed one as he bobbed up and down in the water


EU Pledges A Further 1 Billion Euros To Help Agencies Supporting Syrian Refugees

European Union’s interior ministers continue to debate Europe’s refugee crisis. On Wednesday, European Council President Donald Tusk warned that “the greatest tide of refugees and migrants is yet to come”. Except that they aren’t refugees they are Nigghrus from Africa not Syria. Except they aren’t families from war torn Syria being helped they are Christians from Syria being helped, they are fully grown black men from Somalia, Congo, Niger and Nigghruz from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt. None of this has anything to do with the war in Syria.

Why don’t they take them BACK to Libya? Because the EU is seriously MENTALLY ILL and wants to get NIGGRUHFIED with more of their white christian 13 year old girls COVERED IN BLACK MENS CUM AS THEY ARE GANG RAPED 200 ON ONE THEN BEATEN TO DEATH. That is the EU’s POLICY.

Image result for moas tweet capsize young children