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Now even twelve year olds are asking for the latest “upgrades” in allure as new trend lines show that pre-teen breast implants are on the rise.

“It can be risky as the breasts have not fully developed yet, but our implants are designed to enhance the process and their breasts will only get bigger and bigger as they enter adulthood” said Dr. Mecklstein of the Philadelphia Center.

“This is an outrage, where are the parents on this!” said Tammy Snoie a well known critic of the procedure on teens.

Still its hard to argue, the results do look fetching and teens are starting the competition for mates at a younger and younger age each year. The new implants signal womanhood and the power that brings over males in junior high, and later marriage and the workforce.

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“I feel more like an adult with my new DDs”

“I think this is important for our daughter to succeed” said a concerned parent. “If she wants a nose job or some lipo suction to touch up by the time she turns 16 we will support that as well. It’s all about ensuring she has access to the top mates the high earners which she can take down later in divorce and get big settlements. Small boobed girls just aren’t going to have the same opportunities.”

It’s not without it’s dangers. At 18, Stephanie Kuleba (below left) had everything: She was head cheerleader, had a near-perfect grade-point average and was planning to be a pre-med student in college.

The only thing the stunningly beautiful high school senior thought she was missing?

Perfect breasts.

So the Florida teen decided to have cosmetic surgery – a decision that cost her her life.

Kuleba suffered a rare fatal reaction to the anesthesia at an outpatient facility and was rushed to an area hospital.

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Infections, disfigurement, death, none of this is worth the small difference that breast implants make.  And now that the psychosis has hit our teens and pre-teens, it’s something that parents need to stop supporting and teach their children to love their bodies as god created it.