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They said “everyone” had to go to college including the dumb kids. Well Evergreen college is just that place. Filled up with Nigghruz to the max, the black and brown mobs demanded all whites leave campus. They got angry. They got in the face of a poor short white female college professor screaming “HEY HEY WE HOS WHITEYS GOT TO GO” or something like that. So before you look at the shocking video, let’s think about why this is happening in America.

First look at the picture. They look like dumb thugs and Bantu women in Africa NOT college students. Big hair, head wraps, Huge “bucks” screaming at little white women professors. College for the dumb is an enterprise that coalesces these failure children.

The average SAT composite (critical reading and math) score was 1084 for this place. Remember that you get a 800 just for breathing one could wager that most of these were in the just breathing range + affirmitive racism entrance.

So what happens when a school for failure children lets in gangs of these low IQ thuggee students? Well just watch the video