It’s the latest trends, students using Student loan money for spring break, pizzas, partying and beer, and now… breast implants.

“I cashed the check and a month later I was a DD” giggled Shari Sandler.

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“My spring break was a hoot I was the center of attention.” said Shari.

“Did you pay for your spring break and your breast implants with your student loan money?”

“Yes of course, its the latest thing all the co-eds are doing it” she smiled. “Daddy payed for my nose job at 16 but I never felt complete without a fuller rack. Now I’m perfect”

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In truth, it could be a better investment as occupations like strippers and call girls will be the high paying jobs for these girls in their 20s.  They are unlikely to find higher paying jobs in the post Obama economy.

“They make studying harder but who needs to study!” laughed Tara Smith, a co-ed at UofMiami. “Here there are so many beaches a girl has to look her breast… I mean best”

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Is this use of student loans for cosmetic surgery even legal? Most never plan to pay back their student loans so its a case of get all they can from it while they can!

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