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Climate has always been changing. Mostly we have been going into and out of ice ages. Where most of north America is covered in a mile of ice. So in the 1970s they warned us of global freezing. Today they say the enemy is global warming.  Wait a second, doesn’t that mean we are DELAYING the next ice age? Isn’t that a good thing.

Err no, they reply, climate change is global warming and freezing.

Uh ok. So what’s the problem? Well it’s CO2. That’s the new boogeyman.

Err uh CO2 is bad? YES they scream, it’s a poison, a toxin to the earth.

Wait, if there’s more CO2 doesn’t that mean that plants will grow better, and our dried out dead cities will become lusher and greener with beautiful plants everywhere?

Err yes, but that’s not the point! they shriek.

And won’t those plants generate MORE oxygen making humans feel healthier?

Err yes, but that’s not the point! they shriek.

OK, what is the point? What’s your freakin problem man?

Well according to the Paris Agreement, the problem is that America is not saddled with paying huge fees even though China and India will pay nothing, and Europe will pay little. And all these fees will go to set up a global government and pay for it’s army and enslave us like the Kang and Kodos episode of the Simpsons.

We will be left like Homer Simpson saying “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos” as they toil like slaves. That’s it. The Paris Climate Agreement is a world enslavement plan that will funnel billions to the likes of Al Gore and make America a puppet even MORE to the oligarch-jewish banking cartel or whoever is doing all this.

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So is Trump right to withdraw? HELL YES HE’s FREAKIN RIGHT!

Furthermore, we’ve caught the scientists FAKING THE DATA about the warming. In fact in the last ten years we see no warming whatsoever! And most scientists now agree that Solar Flares and Sun Activity have a much bigger effect on the earth than anything man can do.

Still the golbalists-banker oligarchs are streaming our skies with chemtrails trying to make our planet cloudy and cold. Maybe they really are aliens?