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The Italian Coast Guard (Guardia Costiera) picked up 550 migrants, Wednesday, after their boat capsized in the Mediterranean sea, off Libya’s shoreline. Authorities also retrieved 35 bodies out of the water.

Footage shows Coast Guard officials assisting migrants getting off their wrecked boat and bringing them to the Fiorillo mother ship. The ship capsized due to the smugglers on the boat intentionally sinking it.

We have to ask, why is Italy directly involved in driving their coast guard ships hundreds of miles to another country to negro-seed Italy a non-negro nation? What is the value of seeding Italy with negros? Is this what Italian citizens want? A rape violence culture filled with low IQ thugs from Africa? Doubtful. Where are the citizens calling out the government for this atrocious act? And what about stopping the Soros funded NGO ships who drive all the way to the Libya coast tipped off hours in advance that a ship is “sinking” who take their bait back to Sicily? Where is the outrage? Europe the land of cucks and broken people?

If they don’t speak out now, they deserve the result. If they are too stupid to see what is happening in Paris and Sweden they deserve the violent fate that awaits them. This is more than just accepting refugees – these people are certainly NOT refugees from Syria. This is the coast guard actively traveling to A DIFFERENT COUNTRY to PICK UP AND TRANSPORT INVADERS. Disgusting.