There comes a time when there is nothing more to say than COVFEFE.  Sure a more meaningful word might suffice.  But what word can surmise the outrageous attacks against Donald “golden eagle” Trump the outrageous evidence less “russian collusion” and the hopeless RHINO congress, the Fake News Media all attacking and trying to stop the dismantling of globalism.

There are a few simple things we need to get done.

  1. No taxes below 100k of income. PERIOD
  2. An Alternative Minimum tax for all companies with sales > 10 million. 5% of gross sales as a MINIMUM. No more GE and Apple paying ZERO TAX
  3. Issue dollars directly from the US Treasury to pay down the debt 1 Trillion per year.
  4. INSIST that banks loan to entrepreneurs without them having to put up personal assets and wealth. A true corporate loan. Not the SHITE sba program. That’s for pakistanis and Indians who can simply flee the country if they go belly up.
  5. A 10% tax on all imports. 20% for those that abuse workers and patents and engage in industrial espionage. Can you say CHYNA?
  6. A 0.3 % tax on each and every financial transaction
  7. Free Medical School in exchange for 5 yrs reduced pay service at Government clinics. Want cheaper health care? We need to make doctors more cheaply. Also people can pursue medical school direct from high school with no college. That’s a radical thought! Medical schools should include the anatomy and chemistry classes if they are needed.
  8. PROSECUTE:  The clintons for the clinton foundation abuse. The clintons for mishandling classified information, The clintons for Benghazi. the Clintons for Libya. Obama for Benghazi. Obama for Libya. Obama for the leaks. The bush for 911. Obama for spying on citizens.  Each of these should have their own special prosecutor (counsel) and none of it should be done under the corrupt FBI. Prosecute Comey for his clinton decision.  and on and on. prosecute, charge, and convict.

COVFEFE all of these criminals, COVFEFE their asses to the moon!