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Will Griffin Cry or Lash Out? There’s No Knowing With Social SnowFlakes

The Kelly Griffin story has been madcap. Zany. First the picture of her decapitating the president, then the makeup free heart felt apology. OK. It would have faded had she stopped there.

Then came the press conference where she accused Trump of attacking her. She accused the whole family of attacking her. And she blamed it on … WHITE MEN.

“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump he’s a Bully – I’ve fought older white men” chirped the snowflake. [Trump] “is trying to ruin my life forever” “This would not be happening to guys this a woman thing”

She blamed all the discrimination and “failure” of her career which skyrocketed this talentless frump to 20 million dollars in net worth on the discrimination and attacks by WHITE MEN. Then she burst into tears. Then she started to attack again. In short, a complete Snoflake Nutcase.

“Kathy Griffin’s appearance at the Uptown Theatre Napa, on June 17, 2017 has been cancelled,” the ​theater announced on its Facebook page. “Ticket holders will receive a full refund at place of purchase. Thank you!”

The Uptown Theatre’s cancellation follows six other venues, including bergenPAC in New Jersey.

“It wasn’t Funny I get it”

From once lucrative appearances on Suddenly Susan and The View, and even a part in Pulp Fiction, her life is the story of a marginally competent comedian who seemed to only keep going on fumes. Her self admitted low quality was evident in her “Life on the D-List” comedy show.  A fit of plastic surgery in her 40s made her face bland and boring as she dropped further into the abyss.

She marched on to moderate success when she appeared in an episode of the hit show Glee and finally in 2012 Bravo gave Griffin her own comedic talk show titled Kathy. The show lasted for two seasons before being canceled in 2013.  Not quite the hit HBO special, but fame none-the-less.

“You’re becoming a MONSTER” said comedian Joe Rogan of Griffin’s antics.

Her career is over. And it didn’t have to be. She could have stopped after the from the heart apology. Instead she held a further press conference after Trump tweeted that what she did was abhorrent. Lawyer at her side she began to play the victim card when she was the aggressor. Between fits of screaming white racist male and crying a picture of a truly psychotic individual emerged. Did someone goad her into a formal defensive press conference? Even more it showed a person hopelessly out of touch with reality. The second press conference was no longer an apology it was a RANT an endless tirade against all the white men she had fought against with the implicit intent that somehow Trump was the biggest white male offender.

This racist language was so off-putting many had to reach for vomit bags. It not only wasn’t funny, it was horrific. Offensive. Psychotic. In one foul swoop Griffin became the spokes-bitch for the left wing libtard social snowflakes who also are hopelessly out of touch with issues and reality.  And all at once, we realized, that the girl we once loved on News Radio, we now hated. She was odious.

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“I am not an animal!” Screamed the outraged Snowflake making penguin faces

No, this is classic left LIBTARD social snowflake behavior. It is classic Marxism. Outrageous attacks then claim victimhood. She may as well have been Antifa protesters kitting Trump girls over the head with long clubs and screaming “oh stop hurting me, the horror the pain” It’s a horrific double standard with Griffin demanding everyone accept her outrageous freedom of speech, but then don’t dare say one bad word about it. Freedom for her, but without consequences, and that is the leftist formula for breaking down the conservatives and those who use logic and facts rather than hate and emotions. And it’s no longer working. The alt-right sea change is showing that those who wish to be governed by reason and sound thinking rather than shrieking and chanting dumb slogans similarly rejects Griffins tear jerking.

When asked why one venue was canceling her appearance the promoter replied “That damn bitch is crazy. And who does she think she is attacking our president thats just horrible”

This left psychosis is all the fault of a system that is facing an america of average and below average non-Europanic citizens who face the lower rung of job opportunities. Sending dumb kids to college just made this worse as Evergreen’s latest fiasco shows us. Dumb kids can now afford college with student loans and whole new schools have opened up just for them. And when these dumber non-Europanic kids get out and no one wants them because they are useless idiots they claim discrimination and victimhood. In much the same way that Kelly Griffin is claiming to be the victim. It is the left psychosis of the new victim class. But it’s not reality. It’s a psychological cop out. Maybe Kelly, no one wanted you because you just weren’t that funny? Has that ever occurred to you?

The next sound the snowflake will hear is one of crickets. It’s doubtful she will work again. But don’t cry for her she’s made a killing off of not funny new year’s eve specials and club appearances, milked her once TV fame for every buck she could. Twenty million dollars later, Griffin will cry all the way to the bank.