Three jihadi terrorists with a van and knives went on a rampage. All 3 are presumed dead.

One man fought back.

Gerard Vowls, 47, who was in a pub near London Bridge, said he threw chairs and glasses at the attackers in a bid to stop them entering.

He told The Guardian: ‘They kept coming to try to stab me – they were stabbing everyone. Evil, evil people.

Two men – one lying in the background – believed to be a terrorists pictured dead after being shot by police in London Bridge
3 of 5 muslim attackers shot dead by cops. One cop is dead.

London is now a muslim country and they WILL NOT STOP THE ATTACKS UNTIL THEY WIN.

A man, who is thought to be Londoner Geoff Ho, was pictured trying to staunch the bleeding from a neck wound as he staggered down the street outside the Southwark Tavern in Borough MarketArmed police were seen flooding the cordoned-off streets as they launched a hunt for the jihadists 

Apparently van stopped on bridge and 3 exited with knives and began slashing


Brits marched away prisoner style with their hands on their heads, yet witness says there was no order to do that (sick!)


Three Assailants armed with foot long knives. One entered Restaurant Al Pastor at Borough Market and stabbed a waitress. Customers threw bottles and chairs at knife wielder in attempt to stop him.


Now the problem with this, you are talking about 3 guys with knives and ten cops with sub machine guns. Surely they would want at least one to live so they could interrogate them? Why didn’t they? No they are trained to be terrified little babies at the site of a knife and to mow them down. How stupid is this?

The next day Teresa May the British Prime Minister blamed the Internet for terrorism and announced brave new initiatives to control the internet. She wanted to dismantle the “safe spaces for extremism” on the internet by monitoring all speech on the internet and having kill switches to shut it down.

The capital has been rocked by a suspected terror attack tonight with multiple fatalities after a van ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge and a knife attack nearby.

Up to 20 people are feared to be injured on the bridge as horrified witnesses reported seeing bodies strewn on the pavement after the incident at about 10pm.

Police secure bar from gun fire

Van hit 5 or 6 people … white transit van with one solo male driver. One of the victims was a french lady boyfriend with her is now missing. All traffic halted. Police arrived withing 2 minutes time. Ambulances took 8 minutes.

Emerging… Police confirm second incident at Borough Market

All this days after Trump told Europe about the need for Nato’s role in fighting terrorism while Merkel scoffed. Turns out, Trump was right again.