Putin made it clear there was zero involvement in the US elections during his live staged Meghan Kelly interview.  When asked about it he declared it was “simply some kind of hysteria”

When pressed by Kelly about the 17 US Intelligence agencies which had “proof” he replied “have you read the document”

Kelly responded “I have read the public one” to which Putin laughed and tore her apart. Clearly the public version is useless.

“Trump was simply more effective” replied Putin.

The same thing happened when Kelly pushed Putin on the Paris Climate Change Accord. Once again he asked “Have you read the document” to which the answer was “NO”

Kelly looked like a total idiot not having read that which IS public and accessible. So it was a strong performance for Putin on the world stage. But as this interview was on Russian TV, few americans will see it.


Putin decried the West’s push to take over Ukraine.


The leader of Moldova also chimed in declaring that the West’s pressuring the nation to be anti-Russian would no longer work. With common churches, common peoples it would not happen.