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What if the elites looked like the middle class?

We have to ask if Trump can deliver will it be too late? The middle class is in serious trouble.

Take computer software engineers. There are four million jobs. This number has not changed in 16 years. Yet since 1995 they have brought in EIGHT MILLION foreign workers WHO STAYED HERE.  The program is called the H-1B visa.  It lets companies replace smart hard working Americans with Indians and Chinese who have fake degrees, fake resumes, and are barely functional. Most projects done by these people utterly fail. Their code is gibberish. Yet this program, which has thrown four million American engineers to the streets and kicked them in the teeth, has no hope of being repealed or changed. There is no requirement to try to hire American first or to pay prevailing wages (easily circumvented the limited rule they do have).

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Take entrepreneurs. The government SBA Loan Guarantee program helps Indians and Pakistanis open hotels, gas stations, convenience stores. If they fail and go bankrupt they simply go back to Italy and a cousin comes in and tries again. If an American fails and files bankruptcy their life is ruined. There is NO LOAN PROGRAM for entrepreneurs to start businesses as true corporate loans that they don’t have to risk their personal assets for. Madness.

Hillary Wasted Trillions on Fake Wars in Libya and Egypt

Take construction workers. Endlessly flooded by Mexican and Central American invaders who don’t pay taxes, they are able to work for very low rates that no American could. The housing boom was a boom for illegal aliens.

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Women are first in line for free housing subsidies and get endless SNAP (food stamps) and cash payments. Not so for men. Men get $186 for three months, once every three years in food assistance.  Our society has turned on men.

We need AGGRESSIVE THERAPY for the middle class not the nominal 2% tax cut that trump is pushing. What? What? That’s it? That’s all Trump is going to do? Well yes, you see he has “simplified” the tax code by having only three or four rates, but nowhere has he stated how current earnings MAP to those rates.  In fact, for the upper middle class it is a TAX INCREASE according to one evaluation.

How about making the first 100,000 in income tax exempt. How about a mentality where we think of our citizens as seeds and feed and water them until they grow full and abundent, then start the pruning. NOPE! Can’t have that. Why? Because with the Federal Reserve SLAVE CURRENCY SYSTEM printing so much bogus money which goes to government graft and defense contractors, the result would be inflation. To to avoid inflation, the new plan is to keep Americans poor by siphoning out their wealth and putting it into big pools that do not generate companies or jobs or growth. Buy that billion dollar yacht.  Put a few billions into the derivatives market. But the money does not circulate.

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There is no hope sadly. Not yet. Not unless Trump does something BIG like scrapping the H-1B program, adding a true corporate loan program for entrepreneurs, or setting the bar on income tax above 100k in earnings.

It’s time to feed the middle class. The Bankers got 40 Trillion. It’s time to inject the same into the middle class. If not, this plant down to its last leaf will surely die.

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After looking at how much America works against its own citizens heartless and brutal, while giving a pass to most crimes by illegal aliens, one has to ask, is it time to take our muscles and brains to a country that will appreciate them? Things are getting that bad. Top destinations are Thailand, Equador, Guatemala, Portugal. Places where you can escape the heavy burden of property taxes, income tax, and breathing tax.  Puerto Rico is officially tax free for citizens but with a broke government we can’t recommend it as services are breaking down including hospital care.

We need a shift where we deficit spend for a few years to get the middle class re-stabilized. Government direct printing of currency not debt based currency. And programs that directly get it to Americans who are starting out and will create comapanies and jobs. Not waste like Solyndra and Tesla loans, but with some reviews committees and qualification, real entrepreneurs need to get FED.  This can also be bolstered by letting VC companies write off losses against future taxation if they invest in seed companies to mitigate the risk.  But as long as we are under banker rule, the middle class will starve.

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Trump is burning his “juice” and if we are going to get tax breaks for the middle class and a new health care system it will have to happen in the next few months. August recess looms large in Congress. With McConnell actively blocking in the Senate, one wonders if change in America is possible. Yet, when the bankers ran in and demanded trillions, the cash flew out. No problem. If we can give ONE TENTH THAT to the middle class and start squeezing the bankers then America can be reborn. A good way to do that is to put a tax on all financial transactions. Another way is to restore Glass-Stegall and get our banks out of the casino gulag derivative bets. This would force the separation from working banks with depositors and investment houses. The handout to the banks was so great that Goldman Sacks jumped in and asked themselves to get declared a bank to get in on the payola. Does it get any sicker than that?

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