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The Trump Plan

The Trump Plan – Fighting Dysgenic Amerika

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Angel Adams – “Somebody needs to pay for all my children… somebody needs to be held accountable and they need to pay”

correction – since this article was written black population has ballooned to 14% of us population, increasing even while we are massively growing due to illegal immigration. Meanwhile, white women are being bitchy and not having kids and telling men they aren’t good enough even with million dollar salaries and ivy league educations. This is societal apocalypse and it’s only 20 years away before we utterly collapse fiscally due to dysgenics.


In his book “Time To Get Tough” Trump writes

“The food stamp program was originally created as temporary assistance for families with momentary times of need. And it shouldn’t be needed often. Thankfully, 96 percent of America’s poor parents say their children never suffer even a day of hunger. But when half of food stamp recipients have been on the dole for nearly a decade, something is clearly wrong, and some of it has to do with fraud.”

Trump also pushed for the work requirement to receive welfare –

“To get your check, you had to prove that you were enrolled in job-training or trying to find work. But here’s the rub: the 1996 Welfare Reform Act only dealt with one program, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), not the other seventy-six welfare programs which, today, cost taxpayers more than $900 billion annually. We need to take a page from the 1996 reform and do the same for other welfare programs. Benefits should have strings attached to them. After all, if it’s our money recipients are getting, we the people should have a say in how it’s spent. The way forward is to do what we did with AFDC and attach welfare benefits to work. The Welfare Reform Act of 2011–proposed by Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, Tim Scott of South Carolina, and Scott Garrett of New Jersey–does just that.”

  1. Trump, Donald. (2011). Time to Get Tough. Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing. (pages 113-114)
  2. Trump, Donald. (2011). Time to Get Tough. Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing. (pages 116)

But the new movement to jump welfare roles and get onto disability sidesteps all the requirements. In a recent news program, a black man and his wife both on disability were interviewed in their luxury D.C. townhouse. How did they afford it? Both were getting hefty disability payments and subsidies for being “learning disabled”, a catch term for having average black IQ which is 85 in America.  So it is the policy, the stated policy of our government that basically being black gets you a free luxury house and no need to work. And we are going broke because of it as a nation we are dying, the middle class overtaxed over burdened has ceased to grow and is decreasing and soon we will be a banana republic if nothing is done. And nothing ever is. Why? We do not look at our policies in a broader longer term view. Our feel good “need to work” welfare policy was quickly side stepped as people in the dysgenic classes moved onto another handout program.

America’s dysgenic policies which promote the dumbest and biggest failures to have the most children to get the most free money and best housing is MADNESS. Of course Golden Eagle (Trump) doesn’t write or talk about dysgenics, but it is part of every policy decision he makes whether he likes it or not.  Every law and every plan ultimately has pro-genic and/or dysgenic nature.  What we have been missing is the kind of long term societal planning rather than just responding to the next budget crisis year after year. And the new influx of invaders, the new growth of the welfare class (the disability fund has gone BUST so many are dropping out and becoming adult babies some literally in diapers and pacifiers).  It is important that we understand these concepts and how important they are to the success of a society facing the modern pressures of third world immigration and welfare-ism of dysgenic populations at home all combining to produce a nation of imbeciles and sloths.

Our liberal thoughts encounter this reality if we are capable of projecting the future result of dysgenic policies, anti-darwinian evolution policies. They lead to disaster. They already have with more than 50% of the budget going to hand outs and it growing yearly and a spiraling trillion dollar deficit each year we are already long past what we can afford.

If you look at the percentage of the working population in the workforce actually working it is down to 62%.  That is already too low to sustain a society.  What happens when 90% want a free ride on the backs of 10% workers? There simply isn’t enough cash to go around there already isn’t.  And in ten years it will be much much worse as we have to begin paying for the baby boomers retirement which we have already raided and spent on all the people not working in their prime working years. 38% of the nation not working is a death sentence for a country, an absolute death sentence.

It is difficult to figure out what to do. Forced sterility goes against our values but if you offered the poor an extra $2000 to do it many would. But politically that would never fly.

One of the barriers to children is not just the huge cost to raise them if you are a state tit sucker, but the cost to give birth which is still several thousand dollars with insurance in the USA.

But the welfare class pays nothing.  Instead we should make giving birth a financial burden and a penalty if you cannot take care of yourself.

Stopping short of requiring a license to reproduce, the government simply would pass the costs of the birth back to the welfare-ist over ten years with a benefit reduction. That might give them pause. And if not, if nothing else the state recoups the cost of the medical reimbursement.

Still it’s not enough. Currently the welfare class gets PRIORITIZED AND BETTER free or subsidized section 8 housing the more children they have.  They also get more cash and food credits. So what do they do? A lot of the underclass, especially black girls, plan to get three or four children by the time they are 18 to get on the free housing rolls. In short they feel pressure to have children to ensure a welfare sponge life.

This is societal MADNESS.  And the black population has grown, from 10% of the US population in 1950, to 13% today. The hispanic population is on an even higher trajectory but due to massive illegal immigration (40 million) it is difficult to extrapolate birth rates.

But any rule would be race-blind. Being anti-dysgenic is not race focused. It elevates all peoples and all races. While we do not need a society of rocket scientists, neither do we need 25% of our population to be dumb thugs. Other traits like violence, aggression are being BRED INTO the population. We need to breed them and other traits which produce failures OUT. That is fighting dysgenics.

Of course the ideas harken back to Hitler’s eugenics and that will be the first hysteria of the left. But eugenics is not nor ever has been a bad thing. It is the defense of the society. And as long as we are enforcing it with policies that guide the successful to reproduce rather than hinder them it is not a malevolent policy it is good practice for a nation, something no western nation has had to consider before the massive genetic pressure from immigration of third world peoples and their rapid birth rates has produced. That pressure means we have to consider this issue and address it logically OR PERISH.

So simple measures which are pro-genic and anti-dysgenic must be adopted by any nation that wishes to survive. pro-genic would include ensuring and even promoting our best and brightest to have children in their college years. Credits for marrying and having children, reducing student loans for each child for students at top tier schools, and promoting starting bonding and reproduction early is key.

On the other hand, removing the benefits to be dysgenic for the welfare class such as removing the advantageous position in getting free housing, removing the additional dollars for having children, and penalizing them with the hospital costs to have a child, would put downward pressures on the welfare class. This is true for Europanic Americans as well as non Europanic Americans it works on everyone.

Instead America practices Dysgenic population practices, with policies like the H-1B visa which reward our best and brightest engineers with being thrown in the streets and kicked in the teeth after a hard life slogging through difficult engineering programs at university.

These thoughts are dangerous most would think.  Where will it end. Will we select for only a blue eyed society? Instead we have to embrace them. Like it or NOT, we are already making policies which are dysgenic or progenic and currently dysgenic is winning.

We have to recognize that the survival of our people is at stake. Thinking longer term, once we have a nation of dumb sloths it will not be long before another nation sees us as an easy place to take over. It’s already endangered California. If a million Chinese arrived on the shores of California today the Hispanics would shrug their shoulders and sell them burritos.  And the blacks would go back to their hovels once the Chinese promised them an additional $100 a month on their EBT cards.  Honestly one wonders if anyone would even notice in California! Meet the new boss same as the old boss.  As the state descends into Communism and Latin American socialism aka Venezuallan collapse, and is only kept afloat by two incredible industries being centered there – tech and hollywood – one can only wonder what a boom state it could have been were it not to have been invaded and dysgenified.

The worst aspect of this is it begins to effect the quality of the government representatives that are elected. Or the ability of the people to judge good from bad once they are in power. Nancy Pelosi comes to mind.

Its a difficult sensitive topic. But one that we must begin to think about as our current dysgenic policies destroy our nation quickly.  We are at the half way point, it will only take another twenty years on the same course before more of our great cities fall and then we will be a shambles not a nation. With sound mind we can being to enact policies which at least will being to put pressure on this decay and collapse and give us more time to find solutions.

Maybe it’s not brave new world and artificial wombs, but then again, maybe it is how can we know how extreme we will have to be to get our nation to survive and compete. One thing is for sure, Asia does NOT have dysgenic policies and Asian countries do NOT allow invasion and immigration from the third world. And this is one reason why already they are overtaking us in production. They lack the creative minds to invent, but they just steal our inventions. Then quickly set about mass production in factories.  The things they cannot invent they steal like the Clintons handing out our Atomic Missile MIRV technology to China.  Or the Clintons, Bush’s and Reagan giving advanced reactor technology to the likes of North Korea and India. Our crown jewels developed at a time when Americans were SMART and might not be reproducible by our current dumbed down masses all handed off to the highest bidder for scraps – 20 million bucks versus the hundreds of billions in research they took to produce.

So that brings us to the next lynch pin of pro-genic policies which is to safeguard our inventions and protect the rights of our creator class.  That means no free ride for China’s abuse of trademark and patent among other things.

It also gets deep into cultural ideas as well. What comes to mind is blacks in American schools not studying or applying themselves because thats “being white”. No that’s being pro-genic and successful. How to change that belief one can only wonder but surely with our vast host of psychologists we can figure out where that comes from and change it. We also need to change the notion that not everyone needs to be a rocket scientist.  Germany is very successful because even before high school they split up their students into those who are thinkers and those who should pursue service or trade jobs.

Tackling disability abuse will be the most difficult. People qualify for being “bi-polar” which means sometimes they are happy and other times they are sad. How can you fight that! Here are some strategies that will work to improve things in the long run:

  1. Reduce the payola for disability to an even lower amount. And do not give it cost of living increases.  Stop paying disability for CHILDREN who do NOT WORK ANYWAYS. Millions of people coach their children to mumble and stare off into space during their once yearly evaluations to get the extra $1000 a month.
  2. Develop a two tier system for disability. One level for being “learning disabled”, “lazy”, “adult baby”, “Lisper” (the octo-moms kid go disability for this!), “Bi-Polar” and other nonsense.  For people who truly are disabled, can’t walk or move, broken backs and have the x-rays to prove it, OK they deserve fair and dignified life.
  3. For both welfare and disability, base the payout on the total taxes the person has paid in. Another way to tier the systems. This makes sense and is hard to argue against.  Why is it that after paying a million dollars in taxes, the only aid I can get if I am down and out is $186 dollars in food stamps (snap) assistance for only THREE MONTHS and ONLY ONCE EVERY THREE YEARS. I kid you not that is the official policy for the middle class.  Ridiculous huh?  Instead, if you’ve worked all your life and then find you need help, either through age discrimination or true disability, and have paid in millions, you should get priority help at a higher level than someone who has never worked at all.  So lets say you are a permanent welfare class individual. You might get $500 a month. If you’ve worked hard for 30 years and need help, you get $2000 a month. That seems fair to me. Instead, we do JUST THE REVERSE! INSANE!
  4. NO WELFARE, Payola, Disablity, SNAP, NOTHING for Immigrants legal or illegal. No recognition of Invader children as citizens (bastardization of the 14th amendment, but thats for another chapter).  And Refugees? We give them six months. We should only take in 10,000 refugees a year, not a million. If you don’t have your citizenship yet, you don’t get any assistance and in fact if you DO NEED assistance, let’s cancel your citizenship application.

Society will become dysgenic if we do nothing at this point, lost down the liberal heart hugging emotional path that just wants to give care bears to the world. It’s time to rouse the toops and fight back. If we simply succumb to the left and political correctness, the stereotypical bleeding heart liberal which thinks our society will succeed by giving more and more luxurious handouts and encouraging massive reproduction and huge numbers of children from the families that can least pay for them, if we succumb to that, our nation will die.

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