He lives deep in the forest. But then he appears. And woe to those who ignore him. The metal master. The dark one. The children of ORgun.

Orgun is the rising black spirit in Europe. Europe is so slow to wake up. But Orgun will pound his steel spikes in their heart. Orgun is winning. Orgun cannot be stopped.

Five million will become 100 Million. And Europe’s 100 Million will become 5 million. And the Finn girls will sleep with the Orgun. And the Swedish girls will sleep with the Orgun. And every ten years they will look around and there will be more half Orgun. And more moslem.  More white girls will bang the children of Orgun.  It’s left praising. They don’t know a thing about them. Until the rapes begin. Until the murders begin. Until people fear the night. Until people hide in their houses. Until the once free people that used to revel and be a tribe a joyous celebration. All shut down. Fear. Hiding. Alone.

The locks go on the doors. More locks. Locks upon locks.

Orgun cannot be beaten. He is already in the house. Knocking on the door. Europe’s door. ORRRGUUUUNNNN. The natives intone his name wildly. His time is coming.