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Special counsel “Robert Mueller has hired Michael Dreeben, on a part-time basis, to help with his investigation. Dreeben, a deputy in the Office of the Solicitor General, has argued more than 100 cases before the Supreme Court.

But Comey’s opening to Loretta Lynch’s involvement to suppress the Hillary investigation is enough for Mueller to now PIVOT and move his attack dogs to WHERE THERE IS BLOOD.

The Trump case is done. Over. Finished. But that one bit of testimony by Comey now has made investigation of Lynch fair game.

Should Mueller do this, the entire Obama administration could end up behind bars. The crimes are high and mighty. Treasons upon treasons all given a pass by the Lynch office.

Is Mueller in on the democrat payola so much so that he will ignore it? One can only wonder. But he has been explicitly authorized to follow the trail NO MATTER WHERE IT LEADS. And now it leads to Lynch.

Meanwhile the Fast and Furious report has come out from Congress this week and it detals clear obstruction of justice from the Obama administration and Eric Holder. Will Mueller investigate that?