Spackle can’t fix…

Can you spot the difference in these two pictures? They come from the preview of the Megyn Kelly interview of Alex Jones.

Notice that Alex is Half lit, only one side of his face is lit, causing him to look more harsh and angry. It’s also a direct light which makes people seem less attractive.

Now look at Megyn. She is lit by multiple lights illuminating ALL her face. And it is soft light with filters in front of it. So she seems “attractive”

Look at Alex’s cheek. You can clearly see the bright reflection of the glare spot light.

Now look at Megyn, no glare.

Look at the left side of Alex’s mouth. A tiny light stream is filtering through. It is evidence of their attempt to “harsh” him with light.

What if we adjust the lighting on Megyn – ARGH! Put it away! My eyes they Bleed!

I’ll get you my pretty, and your dog toto too!

She looks like her plastic surgeried nose was half lobed off, and those cold boney hands. ARGH!  And no wonder she wears so much makeup her skin is terrible, no doubt the stress is getting to her. Below is a rare picture of the REAL Kelly before her plastoid transformation

.Image result for megyn kelly plastic surgery

Image result for theresa hines died airline

These practices have been going on for a long time, often in mainstream media studios. But for them to happen in a one on one in a carefully set up room is beyond the pale.