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Ahh the real democrap strategy hits – to soo distract republicans that they dont pass any legislation. Mitch Mc-fuckmeintheass is perfectly happy with the state of things. So is Paul Ryan. Even with full control of the congress, senate, and executive branch they can’t pass anything. Sickening.

ObozoCare. Wheres the repeal.

How about ending the H-1B visa which kicks our best and brightest engineers to the curbs and replaces them with low grade Indians?

How about giving every american a 50,000 personal deduction on the income taxes? Leave the rest the same just do that!

How about building the first 100′ of the wall. At least that would charge up the troops?

How about a loan program for entrepreneurs that ISN’T personally secured, like the ELON MUSK and SOLYNDRA loans but not billions, how about 200k so that people can give a business a go?

How about making marijuana legal. Yes sessions would have a coughing fit, but why not? Do it by executive decree.

How about sending a few thousand refugees HOME? Somalia hasn’t ever gotten any better why are they still pouring in. Start with the woman with EIGHT children and no husband.

How about making it a FELONY to falsify id to get a job? Or to sign a fake w-4 form. And make it a felony for employers to not obtain w-4 forms on all employees.  Hmmm.

How about make it ILLEGAL for banks to offer accounts to illegal aliens?

How about making  all drivers licenses for illegals require a BIG ILLEGAL ALIEN stamp on the front? It wouldn’t stop them from driving but might stop them from voting if we ever passed a voter ID act.

which leads to – how about passing a voter ID act?

Trump the DO NOTHING president. Sorry Alex Jones, we are done raving over El Trumpo.