Oh no women aren’t dumber than men.  Except at Oxford apparently.  With women scoring lower on finals, the university has decided to do something to boost their performance – to allow them to take all tests open book at home. It used to be called cheating but now it’s just balancing the sexes.

Apparently women do better at take-home style assignments while men, so-called risk takers, do better in the stressful test-classroom environments, so to close the achievement gap Oxford officials have decided to give women a home-court advantage.

But men do even BETTER when allowed to cheat at home.  So if both men and women are allowed to take tests home and cheat then men would outdistance women again. Instead Oxford has declared that ONLY WOMEN will be allowed to cheat on tests.

Oxford University students celebrating matriculation

IQ tests which publicize that women are as smart or smarter than men are taken at the age of 11-13 years old when women have a limited minor developmental advantage over boys. But by age 16 that is gone and by age 20 men outdistance women dramatically in IQ.

Most importantly, the extreme end of the IQ scale the 140+ is almost non-existent in women. So while women have a narrow mean, most cluster around 95, Men have more dumb, but also all the geniuses.  A woman who is in the 140+ club as an adult is literally one in a million.

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“One of the university’s five final-year exams will be replaced by a paper that can be completed at home,” the Daily Mail reports. “Figures showed 32 per cent of women scored the highest grade in history at Oxford compared to 37 per cent for men.”

The change is slated to begin this fall to narrow that percentage difference and “close the gap with the number of men getting top degrees,” The Times reports.

But some have cried foul.

“Oxford University has been blasted for its ‘insulting’ decision to allow students to sit exams at home in an attempt to close the gender gap, as a leading historian warns that the decision implies that women are the ‘weaker sex,’” the Telegraph reports.

Of course, it’s not an implication. It’s true. IQ studies bear it out.