This flooding of troops back into Afghanistan is the Patreus Plan. It is an unwinnable quagmire and an utter waste of resources. But its a wonderful war for the contractors who will make money hand over fist.  A perfect never ending 20 year war. This is the war that bankrupted Russia and it will bankrupt the USA as well. Defense secretary Mattis is just a shill for disgraced give state secrets to my whore Patreus who is barred from such positions.  But he is most likely the hand behind this action and has been pushing the 150,000 more troops in agenda for over a year.

Why do we need to care about Afghanistan? Oh yes, the heroin. The government funds the CIA with the Heroin. And then tens of thousands of Americans die of overdoses every year. It’s time to get OUT of the Heroin business.

President Donald Trump has has given the Pentagon unilateral authority to set troop levels in Afghanistan, the WSJ and Reuters reported overnight, clearing the way for the military to intensify its fight against the Taliban and opening the door for future troop increases requested by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.