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Welcome to the west. We don’t give a shit that our birth replacement rate is 1.6 (meaning we will die off in 100 years). We don’t give a shit that our productive brilliant citizens have no children, worked to death in horrific careers which demand huge sacrifices from the time they are 15 to 65.  Broke from being taxed to death to pay for the hood rats to spawn 20 child sized families, Europanic Americans are tired, exhausted, and mostly childless. But the US Government has no program to help! Flood the country with low IQ high Raping immigrants, it’s no biggie.  Have you tried to have a kid at a top university>? there is no time for children besides you can’t possibly afford them with your student loan debt. Kids are for the dumb, the welfare parasites, the non-workers. We want a nation of obese fops who sit on couches all day.

And to add insult to injury, let’s take most of our mens genitals and mutilate them at birth, bind them to a board and without anesthetic chop off their most critical flesh. Yah that’s going to help them have babies, sure it will.

Well Russian says NONE OF IT. While it’s not quite the pro-genic policies that are needed to make a difference nor is it large cash handouts for having children, it is working, Russian population is growing again, and without immigration. It is going to be the largest and perhaps only remaining white christian nation on earth in 100 years.

Putin’s Speech:

There are many truly happy people in this hall today. Together with your children you discover the world anew day after day, share pride in their achievements, see how your efforts develop their best qualities and talents, and, I am sure, do everything possible to help them become honest and decent people and worthy citizens of our country.

Of course, a large family is not just happiness but is above all a great labour and responsibility. This is a labour without breaks and weekends. Your children, their needs, problems and interests are always your top priority.

This noble and generous road in life is a path you have chosen at your own hearts’ behest, and we see that your parental love is truly boundless. It reaches out to all children, whether your own, or adopted. Families like yours, large and full of generous parental love, embody centuries-old traditions of empathy and kindness, show through their example that no obstacles stand before the desire to act constructively and do good, and offer beacons for those reflecting on their own choice of future road.

Caring for children and helping them to fully develop their abilities is one of the main incentives that take people, families and society in general forward. Over these last years, our country has done a lot to support motherhood and childhood. We do have results. There are more and more families bringing up two or more children, including families with foster or adopted children.

Of course, we will continue to do all we can to ensure decent living conditions for families with children and for ensuring that children no longer under the care of their parents live in families. I emphasise that the regional and local authorities can do much in this area. The officials at the grassroots level are better placed to see the problems of large families. We need to be aware of these problems, understand them and seek to help. This applies to all important everyday problems, including housing. It is always possible to find a solution if we address the problems in concrete fashion.

Friends, through you, I want to thank all large, friendly families in our country and wish you all health and prosperity.

Thank you for your attention.


Vladimir Putin: Once again, let me congratulate you all. I want to say one more thing.

This is not my first such ceremony. But what always brings me joy at these occasions is that these ceremonies bring such good people here. This goodness literally hangs in the air, it’s tangible, you can feel it. It is no doubt because you have such spirit and great hearts that you achieve such beautiful success in life.

May God grant you all good health, good luck and happiness!