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I Will Stop Being A Total Pussy And Prosecute Hillary, Lynch, and Rice

CNN spent the whole day claiming Trump would now be investigated by Mueller for Obstruction of Justice.  It was announced in a Washington Post article with “five anonymous sources”. FIVE!  Gee gosh then it must be true?

Enough nonsense.  It’s time for Trump to go full Executive on them.  Sic Sessions on Hillary clinton FULL BORE. And Susan Lice.  FULL BORE.  That means five or six charges for each of them.  Get on Loretty Lynch for obstruction of justice and charge her as well.

He needs to switch the witch hunt and get TEN investigations going against the DemoThugs.

Trump has been a meek wuss.  If he stays a meek wuss sending off angry tweets rather than take action against Hillary, Lynch, and Lice then he deserves to be found guilty of obstruction of a crime that never occurred. He can join the Martha Stewart club.

If Trump doesn’t get it after gunshots are fired, then he will never get how hysterical and psychotic the DemoThug left is.

I want to ask, Michael More, you were first to call Trump a Traitor and call for his Impeachment. WHY? What is the reason? Where is the LOGIC?  They all call for Treason and IMpeachment for “Russian Collusion” which is verified by 17 security agencies.  Wait a second, the classified brief doesn’t say that at all. Worse, the leak shows how easy it is to fake the source of a hack to seem like Russians. And double worse, we know it was Seth Rich who was the leaker, not Russia.

Dear God, if Trump cannot fight back now FULL DOUBLE FIST FULL HAM FIST FUCK YOUS to if the DemoThugs and get Clinton in JAIL, he’s just a total loser. He Has just weeks to act to fix this if not DAYS to get these criminals charged. Will he do it? I don’t think so. I think he’s gotten pussified by the fine dining and fancy limos. If so he deserves what comes. If he doesn’t fight back RIGHT NOW he is doomed. Nothing will get passed in the legislature, and America will fall into 1000 years of darkness.


The end of the Trump moment might be upon us.  If he continues with his sleepy loser approach he will be finished if not impeached.