We can hear fire brigade replying to people who are still trapped

There’s a fire. Now sit in your apartment and wait for help. Wave a jacket out your window so rescue workers can see you. Then just wait.

And french fries they will all be. Why did they do that? In the early stages of the fire the fire was small and contained on the fourth floor. Were the stairwells unpassable? Muslims say no. Even though the smell was terrible and they could smell it many floors above the fire, they simply walked out.

Others did not. Wait for the government to save us they think. Learned helplessness. Many were immigrants. Many were on the dole. The government will provide. Except that it didn’t.

Instead, the flames loomed higher and higher, and over many hours quickly engulfed the entire building.

Crispy Creme time as those who waited for help became charcoal