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Question 1) Why did people march in circles at the sandy hook firestation walking out of the building then going around then inside again.  (search for it on youtube)

Question 2) Why did kids evacuate twice (see photo above). Where are the 600+ children it looks like just 40

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Question 3) Who was the shooter they found in the woods?

Question 4) Where is the video from the brand new security system? They spent millions on it and they didnt have a camera on the front door?

Question 5) Why were many schools having a drill that day?

Question 6) Why were there such huge payouts to the school districts and parents of “dead” children. Not only cash, the school district got a brand new school. 20+ million from newtown charities, much more from red cross. More from the feds.

Question 7) Why did the father of the dead girl walk out of the building laughing with cops, then start crying for the cameras?

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Question 8) Why was the United Way charity webpage for Sandy Hook posted before the event occurred?


Question 9) Why were all the ambulances parked at the fire house away from the crime scene (except one on Dickinson Dr. which was also too far removed to be helpful)? Why were so few EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) allowed in the school? EMTs were forced to use stretchers to move life saving equipment up to the school. (see pic)


Question 10) Why are there no scenes or video of them carrying the children’s dead bodies out of the school

Question 11) Was the school empty, shut down due to Aesbestos and falling enrollment? Neighbors say the school was “abandoned” (see below)

Question 12) Why are there no pictures of the crime scene showing blood after the children were “removed’ (although no dead kids were removed).

Question 13) Why is a wife of a Sandy Hook victim also the lawyer for the “Joker” shooter James Holmes?

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Question 14) Why was the Sandy Hook Site Utterly Destroyed destroying all evidence

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15)  Why is the shooter at these events always wacked out of their heads on drugs at the time. To cover for the 2 paramilitary guys who actually did it (one of whom was caught in the woods)

16) There is no official statement as to which specialized service cleaned up the blood at Sandy Hook. 3 state agencies which should have known had no idea. There was no blood at Sandy Hook. Certified janitorial handling and specialized cleanup would be required for a attack at the scale of Sandy Hook.

17) Why is the picture of Adam Lanza photoshopped to look odd?

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the fake adam lanza made in photoshop

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the real adam lanza
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18) Why were the classrooms empty and devoid of desks? Were there any pictures of them carrying desks out? Or is it true that the school had been shutdown for aesbestos.

Indeed, according to local paper The Newtown Bee, nearly 10 months after the shooting on October 5, 2013, a city referendum passed by over 90% authorizing Newtown to move forward with the demolition and rebuilding of Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) with a $49.25 million grant from the State of Connecticut. The Bee says: “Anticipating the referendum would pass, town officials already filed environmental paperwork with the state to move forward with asbestos abatement at the former school, which will dovetail with demolition crews who could be on site by the last week in October.”

What this means is that even without the alleged massacre, the school would have been demolished because of asbestos contamination.

In fact, a search of Newtown Bee‘s archives shows that the town had known about the school’s environmental problems for many years:

  • On October 2, 2002, The Bee reports that “The Newtown School District could be looking at a $29.5 million price tag to upgrade its mechanical systems and bring them to code at the four elementary schools and middle school over the next five to six years. Consulting Engineering Services (CES) was hired by the district to study the mechanical systems at Hawley School, Head O’ Meadow School, Middle Gate School, Newtown Middle School, and Sandy Hook School to evaluate the heating and ventilating infrastructure, temperature control, and to see what renovations would need to be performed to upgrade ventilation systems to meet indoor air quality codes. Sandy Hook School … is being recommended by CES to be worked on in 2010 over a nine-month period. It is estimated to cost $4.5 million for heating and ventilation and $400,000 for air conditioning.” That comes to about $5 million, which is puny compared to the $49.25 million state grant Newtown received after the alleged shooting massacre for the demolition and rebuilding of the school.
  • On April 7, 2003, the Bee reported that “Some studies suggest that as many as 68 percent of school district’s have ‘sick’ buildings ranging from mold to asbestos, radon, pesticides, and the use of improperly ventilated areas as classroom space. For the past five years, teachers in Connecticut have had the highest rate of occupational asthma when compared to other professions.
  • On March 26, 2004 , the Bee reported that “the Board of Education … received the bad news that there were serious problems with the Sandy Hook elementary school roof.”
  • And then there’s this curious Newtown Bee article of November 7, 2008, 4 years before the alleged shooting massacre: “The asbestos levels in Newtown schools pose no threat to the health or safety of those using the schools, according to Superintendent John Reed. The areas in the schools where there is evidence of asbestos … are also considered acceptable and safe.”
  • On October 12, 2012, two months before the alleged school shooting, there’s this curious letter from reader Charles Hepp to The Newtown Bee about a plan to close an elementary school due to declining enrollment. Hepp wrote, “Six months ago, in April 2012, our Board of Ed voted unanimously to accept a study which laid out a plan for closing an elementary school … the study found that, should our elementary school population fall below 1,500, the BOE should look towards closing an elementary school. We are currently at approximately 1,650 elementary school students.”