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In Texas if you are starving to death you can qualify for $186 dollars a month in food stamps for three months, once every three years. Thats it. DIE BITCH!

Let me repeat that. The official policy of TEXAS if you are WHITE is to let you STARVE to DEATH but if you are a REFUGEE or HISPANIC you will be fed forever and given CASH.

Stories of whites starving to death while Blacks and Hispanics get huge lavish handouts are commonplace. Because the administrates are utterly racist Hispanics in most cases due to those jobs requiring spanish fluency.

Check this story:

So my husband was unemployed, I was unemployed, we have four children, we certainly qualified for food stamps, and I felt stupid and irresponsible for not applying when we qualified for them, so I applied. The local Department of Social Services does not answer their phone. You can go there and wait in line. It is a very very long line, and a very uncomfortable place to be. By tacit agreement, the white people stick together in the waiting area. The Department of Social Services rejected my application several times without reason. I knew we qualified, so it became for me this bureaucratic challenge that I had to vanquish.  It took a lot of wrangling and some certified sign-for-delivery mailings which were expensive. I managed to get us a month of food stamps. It was about $50 a week, I think, for a family of six. I don’t know if that’s average or not.

And it gets worse. Refugees are getting payments of $2000 a month or more! And have never ever paid any taxes in America at all.

Virtually all of the refugees are on welfare. And when they apply for welfare, they don’t do so as an independent entity, as I did. They go through their refugee resettlement agency who deals with the Department of Social Services for them. So basically Americans get the short shrift, and refugees get taken care of.

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“There’s a woman in Chicago. She has 80 names, 30 addressees, 12 Social Security cards and is collecting veterans’ benefits on four nonexistent deceased husbands. She’s got Medicaid, is getting food stamps and welfare under each of her names. Her tax-free cash income alone is over $150,000.”