“I used to have trouble cleaning down there!” says Fred. “Now I’m fresh as a daisy”

No longer wondering why hygiene wipes are only for women, FreshPickle is doing something about it.

“I saw all these products for women, and I thought, Hey! Men have hygiene issues too. where’s our stuff?” said Derek Grimes, ceo of new male hygiene wipes

“Our product is a game changer disrupting the marketplace of sanitary tissue and wipes” said Derek.

Normal tissue clings and breaks off. Others are not long. The new wipes work like a shoe shine, gently brushing particles away with a long sweeping motion. It’s a revolution in male cleanliness.

“It’s the future. My girlfriend loves it. And I love it too”

Priced at 12.00 for a pack of 12, it’s an expensive habit. That’s almost enough for a month when you use them every other day says FreshPickle marketeer Janice Smith. “It’s a win win” she smiled. “I prefer the strawberry flavor myself” she smiled.