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So if you’ve been watching the game of thrones unfolding on TV, the battle of mainstream vs. Alex Jones what has happened is quite interesting.

Megyn did not really interview Alex. Instead, she sets out to show that what he is doing is somehow “not journalism” and make him seem like a charlatan. She derides the lack of teleprompters. He’s just a man with a a bunch of cameras and a room.

She looks at the piles of papers on the  news desk, all articles. “He just prints them out” she says. As if the process to review the news that Alex has honed into an art form is somehow worse than the teleprompter reading that most news engages in.

“Are you a journalist” she asks Owen Shroyer.  Implying that somehow the hit-pieces she engages in are more journalistic.

The notion that Alex just “reads the news” is ridiculous. Many pieces are investigations and many others actually lead the thought base of what becomes major memes. “Converatism is the new counter culture” of Paul Joseph Watson comes to mind.

To further hammer in the notion that she stands on the side of real journalists she brings out Tom Brokaw as if Brokaw has ever been more than a teleprompter reader endless slinging government propaganda.

In her piece she criticizes an InfoWars video showing marijuana smuggling as fake since you can’t see what is in the large containers snuck across the river loaded into a truck that then speeds off. “What does she think they are smuggling pinyatas?” said an outraged Joe Biggs. Even the local Laredo news showed it as drug smuggling. An outraged Kelly then shows Trump mentioning the drug smuggling in his speech on the border issue. “You’re not even a journalist… how many times have you gotten out from behind your desk” said Biggs.

“People don’t want to see their hit pieces they are sick of their hype” says Alex, decrying the low 3 million view rating that the Kelly show gets. Her 15 million dollar salary is a cut out from billions siphoned off government and billionaire coffers.

“They are just not in our league they can’t compete at all” said Mike Cernovitch, a commentator who appears on the Jones show. “She’s a teleprompter reader, we are our own organic news show” said Jones.

Jones made the point that they go to the news and investigate citing their trip to Laredo unlike Megyn Kelly. In fact Jones reporters go all the way to Europe to cover terrorist attacks. “Has she ever been to Haiti” exclaimed Joe Biggs who traveled there to cover the aid shipments done by private billionaire Gary Haven.

Kelly was particularly disturbed that Trump himself appeared on the show and praised it. Kelly also mocked InfoWars capturing and filming an actual marijuana drug shipment crossing the border and being loaded into trucks. InfoWars verified this with the FBI and Border Control that this was the appearance and MO of the size and type of container that holds marijuana. But Kelly mocked it, saying they did not know what they had seen. This was essentially a flat lie misleading her viewers.

One interesting thing about events which seem suspicious like 911 and Sandy Hook, which Alex brings up as having issues with the official story, is that the government moves to completely destroy the evidence. In 911, the steel girders were immediately carted off without being photographed or forensically examined for cutting charges or explosives. Some WERE photographed showing the hard 45 degree angle a cutting charge would produce.  Same with Sandy Hook, the building was completely demolished and erased. It makes you wonder.

Megyn Kelly is not a true journalist. She is more like those hack rags at the check out line that spew gossip – Amazing Children Cry Stones!  It’s sensationalism, not journalism. Kelly should spend more time at the InfoWars studio she could learn a thing or two.