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From the semi finals of American Idol where he rapped “Dis doggy doo is my doggy poo” and Then his own MTV Show, A spot as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Todrick is a rags to bitches American success story. With the government handing out billions and billions of dollars to push useless thug culture to keep blacks poor and angry, Todrick is the face of the new wussy rapper that is more approachable by wuss as lefties.

His performance of Bad Blood showed his bieber testacle-less voice in action, a welcome foray from his rapping.

But it was his “Straight outta Oz” genius album that set him in place as the new top Parappa the Rappa saying “Black Cards Matter” (reference to his visa card). Let’s look deeper at this genius held aloft by society. Or the timeless “wrong bitch”

If you think you gon’ slanderize my name
You done lost your mind I ain’t got time for all these games
Bitch, you got the wrong bitch
Bitch, you got the wrong bitch
You got the wrong wrong bitch
‘Cause I bite my tongue for no wizard
I fight with fire ina snow blizzard
I tear that emerald city down, ain’t no sitting down
With no cold lizards like huh
It’s wiz business, that’s a silent I
And I’ll be silent the day I see motherfunkin’ monkeys fly
They flyin’ now? Hmm
Now if you think that this witch won’t expose
The fact that five o’s droppin’ houses on hoes
“With no cold lizards like huh”  is amazing anti-grammer in action. And combining hawaii five O, the wizard of Oz, and lizards is truly amazing language work.
“And if you try to wash my blood off these bricks
You think that I won’t find the guy that came and mopped my kicks”
Rhyming Kicks with Bricks have made Tondrick truly an upper class millionaire. But wait it gets better. Another fifty million were paid for this juicy ringlet of rhymin –
That bitch is gravity, yeah, I’m defying her
Tell that bitch wizard I like his cowardly lion fur”
Now technically the wizard didn’t have cowardly lion fur that was a different character in the Wizard of Oz. Does it matter? Not when Todrick throws it down. He defies both the wizard and gravity. Why? It doesn’t matter here’s another million bucks! His Wizard of Ooze tour is sold out across 20 countries! He is a hit! The castralto voiced singer is pulling it in, and the government keeps handing more secret billions to the tv shows that promote thug life, even wizard of oz thuggin!
Still the message is confusing.  “Wait, wese supposed to be drag queens fightin wizerds? WTF Yah know what I’m saaayin?” said black activist snoopy small.
It’s a long way from the WIZ and Tondrick is hitting the Social Justice Warrior Trifecta – Drag, Black, and a wishy swishy voice. Huge White Hippo women applaud and clap holding back tears. “It’s beautiful, so beautiful” says 400 pound Amanda Simms “He’s the new face of black america” A kinder gentler more homo black that isn’t threatening to the white hippo leftist women. Go Tondrick Go! RuPaul is getting old and he knows it, it’s time for a new Queen! And with lyrics like “Low” he is the king of Oz.
She had just dropped in, dropped in from Kansas
Big eyes, big thighs with a smokin’ canvas
Well she ain’t fly in on a bubble butt
Waist thin, she a 10 with a bubble butt
She was all of that, so I hooked her up
With a rhinestone red bottom ruby pump
The thought of pure Dorothy with a bubble butt is truly … uhm… different.  Pimping out Oz. Black values applied to the sweet white system. Genius. Pimp out Dorothy and her dog too!
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