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Infosys, the India-based information technology consulting firm with an office in Plano, is facing yet another reverse discrimination lawsuit asserting that it creates a hostile work environment for workers who are not from India or South Asia.

Erin Green, a former supervisor at Infosys, filed suit this week in the Eastern District of Texas in Sherman, alleging that he and black and white staffers on his team were denied raises and promotions, and that other “non-South Asian” workers were berated by South Asian company officials.

The fact that for over 20 years the US government has allowed the GENOCIDE of American software workers is repugnant. Even in years with ZERO job growth well over 300,000 Indian engineers are brought in on the H-1B visa. Their fake “quickie” bachelors degree and fake resumes get them in the door even though they are mediocre to total horrific failures as computer programmers. It doesn’t matter because the one or two senior Indians will cover for them and do their work. The whole thing is one giant scam.

One can’t begrudge Erin for working for a race traitor invastion company. People are hungry and need jobs. Even from sick firms like Infosys.

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“These aren’t the best and brightest with skills Americans lack, they are more like the Worst and Stupidest with no skills at all” said Derek Armstrong, a computer engineer.

This genocide of American software engineers is NOT AMERICA FIRST, MORE LIKE AMERICA LAST.  To date there are no protections and companies will mass fire whole divisions of Americas to put Indians in place. The MBAs laugh and give themselves big bonuses for “saving money” then the company goes bankrupt or their data is stolen and re-sold in India.

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Trump where are you? At this point Trump is a total Liar. He has done nothing, even with Jeff Sessions, a strong H-1B critic as his attorney general. What a joke. Sure just kill all the Americans and let them die. Kill the hardest working best and brightest. But ya know what? If theres a war and you need to crack another code like the German Enigma, maybe the smart ones wont step up and help. Maybe they’ll give back the big “FUCK YOU” that you gave American engineers for 25 years and let the nation die.

Facebook A-Hole in Chief, Google, Microsoft have been big consumers even bringing in thousands after major layoffs of Americans. Bill Gates went to congress with a straight face and lied and said bright Americans are not available. All part of the progressive left anti-male anti-white psychosis. And that’s exactly whats behind bringing these dumb smelly savages into our midst.

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We have low 85 IQ But we think we are smart as American Engineers