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All race and ethnic groups grew in the year before July 1, 2016, the Census reported.

The Asian population and those who identified as being of two or more races grew by 3 percent each, to 21 million and 8.5 million, respectively. Hispanics grew by 2 percent to 57.5 million. The black population grew by 1.2 percent to nearly 47 million.

The number of non-Hispanic whites grew by only 5,000, leaving that population relatively steady at 198 million of the nation’s 325 million people.

Europanic peoples have a long history of not reproducing under slavery. As more and more resources are taken from them through taxes to pay for the hispanic and black underclasses, the refugees, the middle eastern thuggies, and the prison population which comprises of all of these, whites simply say enough, can’t afford to have kids.

However for blacks and hispanics who game the welfare system and never try to amount to much more, more kids is a financial blessing.

If this continues, the nation will die within just a few more years, already the ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR deficit makes running the nation near impossible.