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When Castille replied politely that he had a concealed weapon, the police officer went berserk and shot and killed him. Presumably Castille had been reaching for his ID which the officer asked him to do. He leaves behind a four year old daughter and hammer wielding fiancee.

When Alton Sterling was pinned to the ground, police still shot and killed him.  His “gun” turned out to be a pack of chewing gum and some car keys.

These crimes are dispicable.  What is going on with these white cops? It’s their “shoot if anyone threatens you” and apparently being black with chewing gum qualifies? Sadly these are the better blacks, the hard working ones just trying to get by in a world gone mad.

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Has black lives matter so terrorized white police officers that they can no longer make rational judgements in situations with blacks? Or have they always been this horrible? Its a question we will never know the answer to. When decent blacks like Sterling and Castille are murdered by police, it proves what blacks have been saying all along. Is that the right conclusion you just can’t know, all you know is its a terrible tragedy.