Thousands of British Airways passengers remain in limbo after a massive IT failure forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights
thousands stranded… Because Indian IT staff didn’t know how to start backup server

NEW DELHI: A day after an unprecedented IT outage forced British Airways to cancel all its flights at Heathrow and Gatwick airports, a union of the airline has upped the ante against Indian tech companies to whom the job was outsourced. “BA’s disastrous computer systems failure is another example of the shortcomings of BA IT systems since they made a number of staff redundant, and outsourced their work to India in 2016, GMB, the union for aviation workers, on said on Sunday.

“This was NOT caused by outsourcing” screamed BA CEO. Except it was.

A source close to the airline said the problems could have been limited had IT staff outsourced to India known how to get its back-up system online quickly.

The source said the system “failed to take over when the primary [IT system] failed due to a power cut.”

“What is this shit!” screamed Dinesh Ramachandra, “What is the down server message? Does anyone know Linux!” staff screamed out trying to figure out what to do. It wasn’t in their hand typed procedure manuals. All it took was flipping one switch and thousands of stranded travelers could have been saved. “Does anyone know the difference between RPG and Oracle command? Where is the bin File!” screamed Indian staffers horrified and terrified with no clue what to do. “Turn it off and on again” said another with a thick bombay accent.  “We are the smartest in the world why can’t we fix this” screamed another.

BA in 2016 threw hundreds of dedicated and loyal IT staff into the streets and outsourced the work to India. BA have made substantial profits in for a number of years, and many viewed the company’s actions of being just plain greedy”

“We were loyal, smart, and hard working. And they replaced us with low-IQ savages” said one disgruntled former employee. “How can they NOT expect huge problems?”

“Yes the Indians are just as smart as Americans. We get our bachelors degree in just four weeks not four years. ” Said Murthi, a spokesperson for Indian Outsourcing.

“It only required flipping back on a switch, BA could have been back flying in ten minutes, but the Indians were too stupid to know what to do!” said a disgruntled former British Airways tech worker.

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Most American Tech Companies Have Set Up Shop In India Next To the Piles of Garbage

In America, we import 365,000 Indians with fake degrees and fake resumes, the worst of the dumbest, to replace or smartest engineers. And America has done this now every year for over 25 years. Even in years when there is zero job creation in the tech industry. It is basically a genocide program against American software engineers.

Greed, graft, corruption also come with working with Indians. It’s their culture.
The union’s website termed the outage as “disastrous computer failure (that) could have been avoided” and “slammed BA over… failure that has left Heathrow at a standstill and passengers stranded.”

BA chief executive Alex Cruz said: “We believe the root cause was a power supply issue.”
Mr Cruz said there was no evidence the computer problem was caused by Indians” But the Indians has NO CLUE how to solve it. Because they are dumb. Because they are idiots.  So the CEO and executive team get big bonuses for saving money, and the company loses hundreds of billions in a massive shut down not to mention their reputation will never recover. 

The website quotes Mick Rix, GMB national officer for aviation, saying: “We can only feel genuinely sorry for the tens of thousands of passengers who are stranded at airports and face having their travel plans and holidays ruined. This could have all been avoided. But they had to go Indian they had to replace smart engineers with dumb as a stump fake indian fraudsters. And this is what happens.

GMB website says the union had on February 29, 2016, protested against BA outsourcing IT jobs. The website quotes Mick Rix saying then a march was held “in protest at the company plans to outsource and offshore work to (one of the biggest IT majors in India).” “The affected job losses at Heathrow in West London is around 700 people and around 100 in New Castle and other locations.”