I actually liked androgyne Bruce Jenner as the once hip one swarthy muscled olympian now positive speaker familial second in command. He was a paradigm of the feminist gynocracy with the woman in charge of the family (She made him sell his porsche the only thing he loved on earth!).

I’m not sayin Kaitlin or Caitlyn however its spelled isn’t amusing.  If you look at his huge jaw bone and chin, getting to Caitlyn must have hurt like all F*()*K.

We love you Caitlyn, even if late transition is a bit of a cowards game, its a cake and eat it too move. Get the kids done then transition, well, its one way to have kids, but if you are wealthy there is freezing sperm these days.

But foppish snide Bruce was a thing to behold. His midwestern accent. And he would sometimes fight back from the conniving all in charge Kris.

Bruce we miss you. We hope you have found a happier place. Now if only you could do something about your children dating blacks.