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It seems like a shocking turn of events. As millions of American men go MGTOW – leave women behind – black men are swooping in and telling these women how wonderful they are.

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“We love the white women!” says MangbingU who comes from Senegal. They even want them over skinny attractive black women. For them, it’s moving up. And the kids wont necessarily be fat. They will make higher IQ offspring than if they had children with black women. So for African blacks, these white women are a step up Darwin’s ladder.

Image result for fat white women date blacksThere’s more to love says QuBamba who comes from Somalia.

The women don’t understand where all the white men have gone. They don’t know anything about MGTOW. But instead just seem happy to finally find a mate they don’t care if they fuck blacks or middle eastern hook noses or any race that has africanized genes. It’s all just a cheap fuck for them. And with all the refugee and welfare money these blacks get, it’s a good deal for the women. “It’s stability, he’s got a steady check. My white boyfriend was always getting out of work and unemployed. I like this more. Until I have my children I can’t collect what I deserve from the government. So the blacks help us get there until we can”

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The poster says it all…. 

“When I first fucked her I used to puke, but now I’m used to it. She’s too fat to clean her vagina out so it was up to me”. Even the thrown away 50 year olds are finding black men the perfect match after all the well educated white men simply have turned to hiring long term “lil diggers” or “seeking arrangements” as it’s called today.

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A lot are doing it to get a green card then go on welfare. Because refugee benefits run out in a year. And they aren’t as good as hooking with a hispanic social worker for free welfare goodies. So the white women are a bridge to the dollars.

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