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As crippling verdicts in unfair divorce courts ruin men financially, more and more men are choosing to go their own way.  The Men Going Their Own Way movement – MGTOW – has been picking up steam as more and more younger men look at their older and financially destroyed male role models.

From a high of 95 marriages each year in the post WWII boom, to todays paltry 25, a radical re-structuring of society is occurring in response to feminism and the completely outrageous divorce courts in the USA. Women love getting half the stuff and half the husbands future earnings, but many men are commiting suicide in response to these heavy handed rulings in favor of women.

If we compare the Millenials to the older generation we can see that a dramatic shift has taken place.


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Finally, as terrible and bleak as this is, things are even worse throughout Europe. Sweden had less than half the marriage rate of Americans in 2000. But women still love the huge divorce settlements and government welfare handouts for having children and chucking their men away, and even if they do not get divorced, just having that much power over the men in their marriage is something they won’t give up easily.

Even worse, if we look at the number of family based households in America, we can see that we have just jumped off the cliff (around 2007) and now new household formation is in DECLINE even though population is rising.

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