StImage result for kim jong un cartoon faceock up on Food. Water. First Aid. That’s the message that should be blasting in South Korea and Japan. But it isn’t. Trump has THREE aircraft carrier groups now ready to blast north korea. It isn’t nearly enough. That’s for a few air skirmishes, it won’t do anything to the ground game. There aren’t even enough bullets on those carriers to take on the million person army of north Korea.

There is a better path. A meeting with Japan, South Korea, USA, China, and Russia with a plan to split up North Korea and choose the goodies each one gets. Give Russia a bit of territory, China a chunk below that, and give PyongWang to South Korea. Set new borders. And north Korea goes out of existence forever.  China can also get some of the islands, and the US gets the big islands off Pyong for military bases. DeTente is restored.

Except China and Russia want North Korea to Exist. We simply have to stop that nonsense. It’s nuclear war, or split up.