Obama’s $207,800 pension, about half of his presidential salary, is being put to good use purchasing his DC rental house for 8.1 Million dollars. The palatial mansion in Kalorama district of D.C. includes includes up to nine bedrooms, eight-and-a-half bathrooms, a finished basement with room for staff, an oversized terrace and formal gardens, according to a former listing with Washington Fine Properties. There’s also a two-car garage plus ample parking for a Secret Service detail in a gated courtyard that can fit eight to 10 cars.

Graft is good. And grifters get the rewards. This guy’s whole life has been a handout from easy entrance to college and Harvard Law, a racial motivated position to take over the editorship of the Law Review (for which he wrote nothing), a direct cia Senatorship after Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan crushed his republican rival by outing Banana Sex secretes in their divorce –

In 2004, Jack Ryan, the actress’ ex-husband, was the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois. Then his divorce records became public, including allegations by Jeri that he’d pressured her to have public sex in swingers clubs in various cities. Ryan denied the allegations but dropped out of the race a few days later. The Republicans recruited former MSNBC host Alan Keyes to run in Ryan’s place. Obama defeated him in a landslide, earning himself a U.S. Senate seat and a prominent public platform from which to launch his presidential campaign.

The rest as they say is History. Obama gets the big bucks and the big money as a mediocre low brain who wrecked america, plunged us into war, opened up the border to mongrels, and a few scandals:

fast and furious – giving machine guns to mexican drug lords

IRS going after patriot organizations

Loretta Lynch tarmac with Clinton

Comey not investigating Clinton

Rice and the Unmasking of political opponents

Benghazi and the murder of our ambassador Stevens to get stinger missiles to ISIS


yehp.  Live as a immoral pond scum shit and get a mansion in return. THAT is HOW ITS DONE IN AMERICA