Update! Now a white girl who banged a JIG on bachelor in Paradise “claims” that she was “blacked out” even though the video shows she wasn’t. Corinne Olympios claims she was in a blackout state when rode the black cock of “Bachelor in Paradise” negro DeMario Jackson. I guess there was some pressure from her friends for being a coal burner. Now she is suing the show to preserver her virginal fuck a jig quality. Uhm yah, right.  The thought of this seemingly sweet girl riding his dark schlong makes most of us want to puke.  I’m sure many white guys will bang her but really, she should be shunned from society.

We pointed out in 2014 how frightening the black on white bimbo sex was on this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Still don’t discount the huge black on white rape epidemic in the US. And importing blacks into europe has brought them massive numbers of black on white rapes.



The emperor has no clothes! That’s what a kid yelled in the fairy tale. Now Rihanna thinks its ok to show up with nothing on. But it’s ok, because she’s black I guess.

Then there’s the TV show Bachelor in Paradise.

“Shes Hot”

“Like Yah”

“Boy I want some alone time with her”

“Yah shes hot”

Then a new pretty girl shows up and seeing everyone coupled up except the black guy, who the half black chic is trying to get, the white girl picks him for a special date night. Without even a care in the world that he’s black.

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Or there’s the new show “Two Broke Girls” which has dialog fit for a six year old if it weren’t for all the drug use reference and boob jokes. In one show all the members of the show smoke a joint. Watch an expisode if you can without puking how stupid they think Americans are. Sadly, they are right.