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Going after his son should be the last straw. It’s time for Trump to have a good long talk with attorney general sessions. If sessions CANNOT see a crime in the clintons email server, in the clinton foundation, in fast and furious, in the Susan Rice Unmasking, in the surveillance of the Trump Campaign for political reasons, if Sessions cannot find ONE CRIME in all of that after six months, he needs to go.

Trump has been more than patient. And the more he is on the defensive the more he is Prometheus being attacked by endless RHINO crows. And the more his whole plan languishes.


The healthcare bill is case in point.  The grifter senators didn’t want to start with the House version, Oh No! they needed to write their own in order to get insurance company kickbacks for squeezing out a turd bill. America doesn’t need another turd. It’s time to flush all of them down the toilet!

The Comey Affair the special prosecutor, it’s time to end all that nonsense.  Trump should have Rod and Sessions prepare DETAILED briefs of crime and pass it on to the special prosecutor and say “Look investigate this. Don’t waste taxpayer money on Russia it’s a NOTHING BURGER!”

And finally, Clinton NEEDS to be ON HER WAY TO JAIL before the midterm elections hit. She needs to be charged nine ways to sundown. IF NOT? She’s just going to claw back and back saying she was the real president and all her illegal votes gave her the popular vote.

Speaking of which, how about ARRESTING those election commisioners who refuse to hand over their records and SWAT SEIZING THEM. To hell with them. If they want to be ass-hats, let’s take em out!

As for confirmation hearings, how about a EO that says “All positions which report into a cabinet head, and would require confirmation, will due to the backlog, be able to begin work and have 2 years to get formally confirmed”

Another thing, the assets on the clinton foundation need to be FROZEN while illegal money laundering charges are laid out.  No Chelsea, you don’t get to keep your 6 Million dollar Posh NYC condo either.  Isn’t it ironic that she married the son of a crook, that’s probably what led the Clintons to give approval, one crime family marrying into another.

Get off your KEISTERS and INDIGHT INDIGHT INDIGHT. Launch TEN of them, BLAST SO MANY OUT that it will be like lawyer D-DAY.  DO IT NOW. OR go the F home you piece of shit lower. I’m sorry but Trump if he cannot see that not only do the American people need this, that he is going to be destroyed if he doesn’t do this, he just just hand it over to Pence and admit he wasn’t up to the game.