2017 Update: The HUGE British Airlines Server outage which stranded millions in airports for days was traced and found to be due to Indians in India being too dumb to know how to restart a server. And don’t forget ObamaCare, where Cognizant hired Indian programmers who wrote such bad code, they tried to load the translations for every language on earth with each page load, crashing the servers memory.  Remember this simple mantra – Indians are Idiots


There are 4.4 million technology jobs in America. Today the nation reached a milestone – it imported the four millionth H-1B worker. “Jareed Chatawajarakatti” from Bengal India was the lucky recipient. “Jareed” attended the fake university in Bengal where in two weeks he received a masters degree in computer science. “Jareed” had no bachelors degree. A placement agency for a fee of two thousand US dollars agreed to get him a bench job in the USA – that is a job where the person literally sits on a bench waiting for work like an unemployed person. He will be allowed into the USA using the non-immigrant (LIE!) H-1B visa, or the American Software Engineer Genocide Visa. They will try to contract him out at 30 dollars an hour undercutting American rates by 70% and driving wages down too low for Americans to support a family, and the host company will put 20 dollars an hourof that in their own pocket.

“Jareed” will pay no income taxes as he will be paid in “expenses” while in America and upon his return be given a lump sum payment that has been sitting in an offshore account. If “Jareed” is lucky he will get a job as an American company “downsizes” and layoffs American workers. The MBA who does this will get a large bonus for success in cost cutting but in a few years the company will fail. It doesn’t matter the MBA who did it will simply move to another company and continue for as long as possible doing the same thing over and over. The few American companies where Indians have taken over leadership roles have all been plagued by scandal or collapsed. Companies which replaced their entire IT departments with Indians quickly started going downhill the most famous example being Windows Vista. Apple by contrast has not used the H-1B visa and continues success after success.

Dell Computer, Bank of America, these are companies that have used huge numbers of H-1B workers and now are in financial crisis. Companies that have resisted the trend – Apple, Boeing, are doing much better.

“Integrity is so lacking in America that the shortage myth serves the interests of universities, funding agencies, employers, and immigration attorneys at the expense of American students who naively pursue professions in which their prospects are dim. Initially it was blue-collar factory workers who were abandoned by US corporations and politicians. Now it is white-collar employees and Americans trained in science and technology” – Paul Craig Roberts

Update: in 2015 only 275,317 H-1B workers were approved. Numbers have been declining as the US economy collapses for tech.

That Balcony is a IT “University” in India

These fake universities are no more than rooms where they print diplomas and coach new recruits in 2 or 4 week “lingo” courses. They can talk the talk and when they arrive in America the older workers cover for them and do their work. Since most IT departments are totally isolated from Americans once Indians take over its hard for the American upper manager to spot what is going on. They clap each other on the back how their new cost saving strategies have helped them stay afloat in the downturn. Then one day their system crashes. Or as was the case with Boeings 787 dreamliner, the software is delivered unusable. Whole projects are put in jeopardy. Intel made one push to use cheap Indian labor to develop a computer processor in India and the fraud and padding on the expense accounts was so severe that they had to cancel the entire project.

Do not be fooled by the government calling the H-1B a “temporary” work visa, it’s about as temporary as the venereal disease in a cheap prostitute’s knickers. Most H-1B’s are allowed to renew for six year and then can typically stay and work out of status up to eight years while they try to get a company to sponser them for the green card process. Over 50% of them never leave. While the politicians argues that we would be crazy to kick out the “best and the brightest” these are not. They are the “dim and the cheatingest” if anything.

Intel recently canceled the multi-core Xeon code-named Whitefield processor to replace Tigerton. For Intel, this is just a product road map large-scale adjustment, but generally people can not expect was that it gave the Indian IT industry has brought a heavy blow.

Intel and its Indian engineers will Whitefield as a major breakthrough in processor technology. Fengyun quad-core processors scheduled for 2007 listed, and it is designed for Intel in India, the first processor. Completely in the Indian IT city of Whitefield Bangalore City Development, Intel is here put in huge human and financial resources to hire only the core hardware part of the 600 employees. However, due to the delay, and a financial scandal – IndiaTimes

In India cheating is the norm. Recently the government was caught cheating on toilets – “Few thought the ruling class could stoop much lower. But politicians have found a way – they’ve taken financial scandal down to a whole new level: the toilet. By inflating the number of government-subsidised latrines, civil servants, bureaucrats, politicians and middlemen have pilfered the country of at least $1.7bn.”

A computer meltdown that froze millions of British accounts at NatWest was the fault of a junior technician in India, from where — extraordinarily — the bank’s British computer system was overseen. The ‘inexperienced operative’ is said to have deleted vast swathes of information during a routine upgrade. It was revealed (the banks do not go out of their way to announce the exporting of British jobs) that RBS was eliminating 464 posts in its exclusive private banking operation, which provides services to some of its upmarket customers at locations from Bristol to Wimbledon.

Some 300 of the lost jobs were transferred to RBS India, which already employs thousands of people on behalf of the giant that includes NatWest, Ulster and Coutts banks among its subsidiaries, as well as the huge Direct Line insurance concern.

America need only look to the fate of Bell Labs, once the hallmark of American Innovation, which went bust after it was handed over to Indian Arun Netravalli. Take a long careful look at what was once the pinnacle of American innovation…

bell labs

Bell Labs Discoveries By Americans

1937: Clinton J. Davisson shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for demonstrating the wave nature of matter.
1956: John Bardeen, Walter H. Brattain, and William Shockley received the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing the first transistors.
1977: Philip W. Anderson shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for developing an improved understanding of the electronic structure of glass and magnetic materials.
1978: Arno A. Penzias and Robert W. Wilson shared the Nobel Prize in Physics. Penzias and Wilson were cited for their discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation, a nearly uniform glow that fills the Universe in the microwave band of the radio spectrum.
1997: Steven Chu shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for developing methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light.
1998: Horst Stormer, Robert Laughlin, and Daniel Tsui, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery and explanation of the fractional quantum Hall effect.
2009: Willard S. Boyle, George E. Smith shared the Nobel Prize in Physics together with Charles K. Kao. Boyle and Smith were cited for the invention of charge-coupled device (CCD) semiconductor imaging sensors.

In December 2007, it was announced that the former Lucent Bell Laboratories and the former Alcatel Research and Innovation would be merged into one organization under the name of Bell Laboratories. This is the first period of growth following many years during which Bell Laboratories progressively lost manpower due to layoffs and spin-offs making the company shut down for a short period of time.

As of July 2008, however, only four scientists remained in physics basic research, according to a report by the scientific journal Nature.[12]

On August 28, 2008, Alcatel-Lucent announced it was pulling out of basic science, material physics, and semiconductor research, and it will instead focus on more immediately marketable areas, including networking, high-speed electronics, wireless networks, nanotechnology and software.[13]

Now Bell Labs grows trees. It is a metaphor for a sellout nation and greedy MBAs who destroy everything. Here’s to FOUR MILLION baby, will the last American please turn off the lights on their way out.

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