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Senators bog down endlessly arguing how to set up the new Obamacare. Why is it so hard to fix and address the spiraling out of control costs? Well, let’s break it down.

Problem #1: The Huge Cost to Be a Doctor

Unlike in europe, Americans require typically a 4 year undergraduate degree PRIOR to beginning medical education. So while the average salary of a doctor in Germany is 60,000 a year, in America they insist on making 300-800,000 a year. That’s a big difference. Well, when undergrad costs 70,000 a year for the top schools, multiply by four and you have 300,000 in costs before even starting med school. It wasn’t like this in the day of Ron Paul.

It doesn’t stop there, Medical school is just as expensive. Then there is two more years as a resident then specialty internships. It’s a long time before doctors start earning the big bucks. Once they do get there, there’s Lawyers waiting for them often getting multi-million dollar settlements for the tiniest errors. Add in the HAZING of doctors and forcing them to work 20 hour shifts, and they get out feeling like OK I made it through all that, now I deserve the Porsche and nice house.  Can you blame them?

Problem #2: The Medical Cartel – the AMA

Rockefeller Set up the medical schools supporting the Allopaths, who were the surgeons, and rejecting all the other sects of medicine. He also then donated equipment to hospitals or outright built hospitals, with the caveat that they all join the AMA cartel. The AMA treatment protocols are often dogma not science based and they squash anyone coming up with new ideas – look at the terrible state of cancer treatment and all the therapies they have deemed quackery which actually work.  Only the D.O. got an exception to join. All other schools were rejected, rejecting many therapies such as herbal medicine which have over and over again proved effective.  This also rejects medical marijuana, declares plants “Schedule 1” and of no medical use, and a lot of other poppycock which if it didn’t exist would provide a lot of cheaper approaches to medicine. Which leads us to

Problem #3: Big Pharma – the Pill Pushers

Outside of surgery, American medicine is a pill popping routine. Doctors write a script, you take the pills. It’s a lot of crap really.  Take thyroid replacement. Since each pharma company wants to PATENT its own drug, they each modify the natural human form of T4 thyroid molecules. So none of their chemicals match what is in the body. And that makes it not work for many people.  Worse, we pay for all the research as Americans, while the pills costs pennies on the dollars overseas. Hmmm.

Problem #4: The lawyers

The lawyers and their huge lawsuits for every infraction and error (often justified by terrible doctors) also cause huge costs as multiple tests are required at every step and nurses endlessly fill out forms documenting every last minute while patients rot in rooms with no direct care.

Problem #5: The Illegals and Uninsured

Hospitals have been overrun by throngs of illegal aliens without health insurance and demanding free treatment. It’s the same with trauma centers in inner cities as black gun violence brings in a good crowd of injuries night after night.  The solution? Charge the shit out of insurance bearing patients.  Simple procedures or a few days in the ER can run up bills in the hundreds of thousands.

Problem #6: The Insurance Companies – We Need Millions to Pay our Huge Executive Salaries

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini and Cigna CEO David Cordani for example, both saw their total pay surge to $17.3 million in 2015 after earning $15 million and $14.5 million, respectively, in 2014.  This extra layer of “insurance” brings in huge extra costs to insurance policies.  And no insurance companies CEOs want “lean” competitive salaries. Oh heck no!

So all this senate bickering about moving money here and there is all useless. They even talk about giving insurance companies hundreds of billions of dollars in “kickbacks” to produce cheaper policies. Think that will work? Really?