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While its true that for the presidential race only the republicans and democrats have a shot based on the debate rules which were changed after Perot, there’s nothing stopping a strong new party from getting congressional and senate seats. It would only require the backing of one or two billionaires to get some seed funding together. Then it’s simply picking the most ripe districts which are patriot leaning.

The republicans have shown themselves time and time again to be untrustable big business sellouts.  Why did the senators need to re-write the house bill for healthcare? So they could cow-tow to the health insurance companies and get kickbacks. It’s disgusting.

The same thing with the budget. No budget cutting. No balanced budget.  Trump should tell them to piss off if they don’t submit a balanced budget and just do his own. BALANCED. But that is for another day.

The point is, when you consider how close the votes are, where even Rand Paul pulling away from the Trump Care senate vote is enough to doom it, imagine how powerful it will be if theres a third part with 10 or 20 votes. You see it doesn’t have to have massive wins to force good legislation through.

And theres no reason why, after republicans have shown themselves as failures, that an America First party cannot take over. BUT they need wins. Better to win in just one or two races than lose in 50. And you can bet the Republathugs will blast as much money as they can to defeat a third party.

And after the first few wins get into congress, poof its game over. A third party is viable. People will realize its not just throwing their vote away on principle.

This will do much more than even a president. Because it will force all legislation to pass the America First litmus test.

It’s long overdue for change and we’ve given the republathugs  every chance possible.  Once the first few third party members get in, the dozens of republicans who are patriots would simply switch over and join.  And then its more than a beachhead , its a proper fighting force, and the time of sell out government will never be the same.

Party Principles are simple. Halt nearly all immigration. Make illegal immigration a felony with stiff sentencing. Cut off birthright citizenship for invaders. Cut off their welfare.  Make all welfare dependent on those who’ve worked for years and years. If you’ve never worked, you get a tiny stipend. Not luxury housing.  And stop pushing black girls in high school to have 3 illegitimate children to get free section 8 housing.  All section 8 housing should be ended, and build 100 sq ft units for the poor.  Being poor should NOT be a luxury. It should encourage you to get off it once you can. t

We need to do something to rollback government involvement in healthcare. Start a new system where it’s easy and cheap to become a doctor and run govt efficient clinics. Have one crap hole hospital for those without healthcare rather than sabotage all our good hospitals with endless surgeries and dialysis for illegals.

We need to change how the government is funded.  No more taxes until you earn over 200k a year. NONE!  Taxes should be for once you get there, not when you are struggling. Instead adopt a 10% tariff on all goods coming in. This will further shore up our manufacturing.  Make it 20-30% for those who don’t respect our intellectual property rights.  And tax EVERY financial transaction.  We gave the banks 30 Trillion dollars in 2008, let’s get it back.

So much to do, but we’ll never ever get their with the existing sellout parties. So which billionaire is going to fund the salvation of America? We only need one.