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A huge shakeup in Kekistan this week as General Pepechet ousted former Principale Feels and self promoted himself “Grand Kek” over all. A new bill has been submitted to congress called “The Keking Act” which will transfer all power to the grand kek and tell congress to go home.  “It’s not the best political system” said Kek Minister Jones, “But at least we aren’t a bunch of fucking jackoffs like the Republicans in America”

“We will not tolerate the revolutionaries in Keklonia. We will march in and smite them. I have asked congress to authorize 72 billion additional dollars to fund the stabilization forces”

A rebel leader replied “Our troops are descending on Covfefe and soon all of Kekistan will be part of our Caliphate”

Meanwhile, right wing congressional lader Kekcain has funneled billions of dollars in military equipment to the revolutionary break away republic, apparently without repercussions. “They are moderate rebels and we must support them” said Kekcain.

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The Grand Kek’s speech was applauded wildly by the throngs of public who turned out to see the new leader.

“We gave 28 trillion dollars to our banks and they just kept on stealing and acting like corrupt savages.  To balance that out we have a new tax plan, ONLY TAX BANKERS. There will no longer be any taxes on the broken middle class!”

The crowd cheered and erupted in applause.

Still rumors persist that the Grand Kek is in collusion with Cuckistan. A secret meeting with a Cuck-ish lawyer has come to light.

“It was a nothing burger!” screamed Kek angered. “I am not a puppet of the Cucks I’ve never even met with the Cucks”

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