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This has gone on quite long enough.  Whether or not Sessions can survive is doubtful. It’s time for trump to ask Rod WHAT is the basis for the special council .  There’s none. You need probable cause of SOMETHING. So that was a huge mistake, except what if it wasn’t a mistake what if it was a DEMOCRATIC political PLAN to get Trump?

Sessions is just as bad, where are the Hillary charges? Where are the Susan Rice and Obama investigations? Sessions is a DO NOTHING. Time for him to get MARCHING ORDERS. GET MOVING OR GET OUT.  Instead Sessions goes on supporting Federal Civil Asset Forfeiture (horrific anti-tea party anti constitutional CRAP that is NOT what Trump Supports support!).  This is getting ridiculous.

Time to drop the hammer.

Sessions to    Mueller: You’ve got 30 days.

Trump to Sessions: You’ve got 30 days to file 5 indictments against Hillary, the foundation, Rice, Obama, etc.

If not? They are BOTH OUTTA THERE and Trump himself will deliver the 30 day ultimatum to Mueller.