Image result for scaramucciLeaking by white house staff has to stop. “Not fair to America or people in government” said Scaramucci on Fox News Sunday.

But why not do some dragnets with fake stories, leaked to just one person at a time. Say “trump is meeting with putin in a submarine off the spainish coast”

Then if it gets out… they know who leaked it. Just do that over a few weeks and you’ll find all the leakers. Oh well, smarts and government don’t go hand in hand. Hopefully Scaramouch Scaramouch will he do the fandango will figure it out.

“Hoping.. for a fresh start … positive mojo” says Anthony. Well at least hes a lot more hip than Spicer.

“Lots of Americans are super happy”

Uh yah, except for the 8 million software engineers replaced by Indians with fake degress using the H-1B visa. They most assuredly are NOT HAPPY.