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The H-1B Visa has allowed over 8 million Indians with fake degrees and fake resumes to take the jobs away from America’s best and brightest.

“Oh their brown skin is so lovely its like an orgasm when I think of all the hard working white Americans we threw into the streets” said Shady FucksALot.

This  is an absolute and fundamental violation of the contract between government and citizen. It is ANTI-WHITE Racism.  It is a communist plan to destroy America. The businesses love the H-1B – Oh free slaves! The Progressives clap and smile – look at all the brown people we’ve hired. They see them as affirmative action quotas. But these ARE NOT CITIZENS. They were never discriminated against. (not that affirmitive action is right either).  But as long as they throw out brilliant white engineers and put in dumb brown engineers they all clap and smile “Look at how progressive we are” Well this age of horror must come to an end or our nation will die.

We have a situation where AN ENTIRE BILLION PERSON COUNTRY are all studying computer programming – badly – and all fighting to get American jobs. It doesn’t matter that they are like pathetic children at best compared to american engineers. It’s an invasion. This is WAR!

What can Trump do about it? With a snap of his fingers he can end this. HE HAS DONE NOTHING. HE WAS A LIAR. A PIECE OF SHIT.

Americans are now taking matters into their own hands. Can you honestly blame them?

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An Indian-born engineer was shot dead in a Kansas bar on Thursday, the authorities said, and witnesses told reporters that the gunman shouted “go back to your country” before opening fire.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, and his friend Alok Madasani, both employees at tech company Garmin, were having a drink at a bar on Thursday when a man allegedly shouted racist slurs at the pair and started shooting. Adam Purinton, 51, was charged with murder. Kuchibhotla, who was an aviation systems engineer, died in the hospital. Madasani and Ian Grillot, a third man who had stepped in to defend the pair, were injured.