Image result for trump vs sessionsIt won’t be long now. Trump has no choice. He has to launch investigations against Clinton and Obama’s administration or be destroyed by RussiaGate. Because RussiaGate has now become investigate 20 years of Trump’s business dealings-gate.

Sessions has refused to act, instead picking his nose and screaming about medical marijuana and reinforcing federal civil asset seizure (aka Goon with Guns Theft)

“I’m just looking at it,” Trump told the WSJ when asked how long he could continue to criticize Mr. Sessions without firing him. “I’ll just see. It’s a very important thing.”

It’s time for Sessions to MOVE ON THE TWENTY HORRIFIC CRIMES or step down OR get fired. It looks like he will not resign.

Trump needs to fire sessions, fire “Rod”, and then promote someone from within to be acting head of the justice department That way he wont get stuck waiting for confirmations.

clock is ticking. tick tick tick.  I give it a month tops.